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I've often heard that saying about how having children is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body.


Happy Pi Day AKA My Birthday

Today, March 14th is my birthday. Obviously this has been my birthday my whole life (that was the most obvious statement ever) but for some reason in the past several years people have started calling it Pi day.

I do understand why, because 3.14, BUT where did this come from? I swear people didn't say it when I was growing up. It's this new thing that just started and frankly I'm not sure I like sharing my birthday with this so called "pi day". March 14th seems to be a very popular birthday date as it is, we don't need to share it with some stinkin pi day.

However, in celebration of Pi Day and my birthday I thought I would offer some fun Scentsy specials.

First we have our usual deal of 3 bars for $14. Such a good deal, I tell everyone if they are going to order bars to either do our 3 for $14 or 6 for $25, it just makes the most financial sense!

You can choose ANY scent and there are a lot of great new scents for the spring/summer season. I alway solve those new fresh/clean/summery scents!

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My very favorite products are our Laundry products

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Don't miss that last special, it's a good one!

Happy pi day and happy birthday to me! Take advantage of my birthday month and get a free gift from me! 


Baby #3 Unnecessary Necessities

I titled this post Unnecessary Necessities, which is totally an oxymoron, but by baby #3 there really aren't any products that I need need. However there are a lot of products that I want want. So they are pretty much necessities but not necessarily necessary. Are you following? Plus it's just nice to get the new baby a few new things. 

I've had several people email me and ask if I've done a post on my favorite baby items, which I'm sure I did at some point with Eli, but I think it's time to make an updated list. So I will post that soon. I recently asked people on my FB and Instagram what their favorite baby products were so I will share those as well. I think there are no better recommendations than from those who are in the thick of these baby years using all these products. It's interesting to hear what products people can't live without. 

So watch for that post later this week. But for now here are my Unnecessary Necessities: 

1. Lily Jade Diaper Bag
If you follow me on instagram you know that I became a little obsessed with finding THE perfect diaper bag. I've had several diaper bags throughout the years and I felt I never found the diaper bag that I absolutely loved. And after two kids I've found out what I like and don't like and need and don't need. After a lot of research I'm pretty positive that the Lily Jade bags have everything I need. I really wanted a bag that didn't look like a diaper bag yet had all the functionality of a diaper bag, PLUS it could be worn numerous ways. With Annie I thought I wanted a bag that could be crossbody but I found when I'm babywearing that a crossbody bag just doesn't work, so I needed a bag that could be a backpack. A lot of the Lily Jade diaper bags can be worn on your shoulder, crossbody OR as a backpack. Perfect! I seriously think this is the perfect bag I've been searching for.

2. Happy Baby Wrap
I've posted before on here about babywearing and how I got much more into it with Annie than I did with Eli. I loved wearing Annie, and I wish I would have done it longer than I did. And I can only imagine that I will be wearing baby brother A LOT of the time as it just seems to make things easier. Plus I love having my baby close to me, I find it helps keep other people's hands and germy germs off of my them. Here is my blog post about the wraps/carriers I used with Annie. I've been doing research since then and wanted to try some other carriers, so this time around I know I want the Happy Baby Wrap the Wildbird Ring Sling and also a Tula. I don't plan on getting rid of any wraps/carrier I currently add so I will just add to my collection. I don't think you can have too many! I use them all for different purposes. I could have an addiction but I just love them all!

3. Puj Tub
I put the puj tub on my list of baby gear that I wanted to get before Annie was born. I never got the tub, and I thought I was ok with it, but I wished I had it so much, so I'm determined to get it this time around. It's really the best tub, and I highly recommend everybody get one.

4. Camelback Water Bottle
How random is it to want a water bottle? But I lost my camelback water bottle and I need a new one. Those first few weeks, maybe even couple of months after having a baby I am SO THIRSTY all the time. Breastfeeding makes me SO thirsty so I always have a huge bottle full of water with me. This is a necessity.

5. Baby Jogger City Select 
I wanted a double stroller when I had Annie but never got one. There were times it would have been nice to have one, but Eli was three when Annie was born so it wasn't always necessary for a double stroller. Annie is going to be two when baby brother is born and I asked the advice of several friends and decided it would be extremely nice to have a double stroller with the two year age difference. I've heard so many amazing things about this particular stroller and a friend sold it to me for a great price second hand - perfect! I am so excited to use it!

6. Aden+Anais Silky Soft Swaddles
OK, these are the best swaddles ever, BUT you have to make sure you get the ones made of rayon and not cotton. I found there is a BIG difference and the swaddles made with rayon are so much better. I use these for EVERYTHING. I definitely use them for swaddling, I use them as blankets to lay my baby on, I use them as burp rags and sometimes to cover myself while breastfeeding, they really are perfect. I obviously have some from Annie but they are all pink, so I needed to get some boy themed swaddles.

7. Wild Bird Sling - which I talked about with #2.

8. Aden+Anais Burby Bibs
I obviously love the Aden+Anais baby products and these bibs are no exception. They have a snap on them and they wrap all the way around the baby so they truly provide a lot of coverage. Plus you can unsnap them and use them over your shoulder as a burp cloth. They are so awesome.

So those are all the new products that I've gotten or plan on getting for our new baby boy. I'm sure there will be others as the days go by.Do you have any unnecessary necessities? I would love to hear them!

**some links contain affiliate links**


Show us Your Life Introduction

I was excited when I saw that Kelly was hosting her weekly "Show us your Life" series again. As I've said a million times I always have good intentions of getting back into the swing of things with my blog and then EVERYTHING ELSE takes priority. But for some reason I'm good at doing these link ups so I think this will definitely help me with blogging more. Of course I'm about to add a newborn and third child to my life so that could change.

But for now I will link up this week and introduce myself. :-)

My name is Megan and on most social media accounts I go by MeganTree. I started blogging almost nine years ago. Holy cow, I didn't realize it had been that long. A lot has happened in that time!

Without a doubt the most important thing that happened during that time was the growth of my family. When I started this blog Luke and I were dating. We got married in 2008 and since then we welcomed Eli and Anniston and in just a couple of weeks we will complete our family with the birth of their baby brother.

Before staying home I worked as an event planner at a university and loved it. I continued that job part-time for two years after Eli was born, eventually quitting to stay home full time. I always tell people that I'm so thankful that I went back to work for those two years because it has made me truly appreciate staying home full time and enjoying every mundane, crazy, sometimes-want-to-pull-my-hair-out moment. There is truly no place I would rather be than in my house serving the people I love most. 

I do sell Scentsy on the side which allows me to still have something thats my "own". I have grown a team and I successfully provide income for our family every month. I think without it I would feel like I needed to be doing a little something more for myself. This gives me the luxury to lead other women and develop relationships and connect with customers all while staying home full time. 

Our son Eli is in Pre-K and is loving it. He has learned so much this year and has grown leaps and bounds. Annie stays home with me full time and I usually try and get her to nap in the afternoons while brother is at school. It doesn't always pan out that way, but it's nice when it does. 

We love going to the mountains and are looking forward to our next Colorado trip…hopefully this summer! 

Luke has been the worship pastor at our church for 12 years. Aside from his "work" duties there we actively serve and are usually there multiple times a week. Luke and I attended there the whole time we were dating and now our babies are growing up there. It is so special to us. 

When I started this blog I never would have imagined I would still {somewhat} be keeping up with it, all these years and children later. I love the memories I have on here and hope to continue to record them. 


Final Weeks of Pregnancy

Well here we are in the homestretch of my last pregnancy.

I'm 38 weeks with Baby Tree #3 and we are all very ready to meet him.

I'm feeling all those final pregnancy feelings. I definitely have discomfort, heartburn, and I'm getting up to pee 40 times in one night, but more than anything I'm so anxious to meet our baby boy.

Almost eight years ago Luke and I went on our honeymoon and had a blast, but by the end of it we were so ready to go home and start our life together. Prior to our wedding we didn't live together so we had no idea what it would be like. We were enjoying our time on our first trip alone together, but the anticipation of what was ahead was so intriguing.

And that's exactly how I feel now. I'm wanting to enjoy every part of this pregnancy. Those kicks and feeling the baby move all around. Feeling his hiccups and knowing that once he comes out you quickly forget just how pregnancy feels. There is really nothing like it, yes it can be miserable at times (just being honest) but it's also amazing and miraculous in every way. But while I'm trying to enjoy it, I'm also so anxious to meet our 3rd baby. Will he be blonde and blue eyed like his brother, or inherit more of his Indian genetics like his sister did? I'm ready for the kids to meet their new baby sibling and just ready for our family to be complete. Its a fine line balancing enjoying the last of the pregnancy and just being impatient about finally getting to hold him and kiss his face.

So now we just wait. And while we wait I've been trying to get all the baby stuff ready. It's funny because by your third go round I feel like you actually have LESS baby stuff than you did before. Or at least that's the case for me. I've been around the block and I've realized what I need and don't need. Our house isn't necessarily overflowing with baby stuff at this point because I know just what I need at first and that's not a lot! I've had people ask me about a blog post of my favorite baby stuff so I'm going to try and get this done before the baby comes!

This was the last belly shot I took about and it was two weeks ago, I've grown since then. Trust.

My c-section is scheduled towards the end of the month, and for some reason I have a feeling I will make it to that date. For most of the pregnancy I thought he would come early, but I've changed my mind and I think he's pretty set in there, so I've got around two weeks left.

While we are so ready to meet him I will enjoy these last days, even with the discomfort and occasional pains there is still so much joy and wonder left in these last days of pregnancy.


Baby #3 Nursery Bedding

Hey all!!

I've been trying to figure out what to do for baby bedding for the new baby and recently designed the cutest bedding set on the Carousel Designs website.

I received an email yesterday that the bedding I designed was chosen as a finalist in a contest and if I get the most "likes" on Facebook then I will win a gift card to purchase the bedding. This would be AMAZING.

SO, would you please please take a minute to go on your Facebook account and vote for this bedding? Here is the picture of what I designed.

Here is a link which would hopefully take you to the page to vote for my picture: LINK TO VOTE

If that doesn't work simply:
1. Log on to your FB Account
2. Type in Carousel Designs in the search bar
3. Scroll down till you see their album of finalists to vote for which looks like this:

And then click on my picture and "like" it.

Thank you so much! I've never done anything like this before and feel weird asking people to go vote for me, BUT ALSO it would be amazing to have the baby bedding all taken care of! I would love to win. 

Thanks again! 


The Stop Light

The other night, Luke and I were able to sneak away from the house and kids and go out for some dessert and talking without interruptions.

I brought my 2016 Dream Sheets that I got off of Jennie Allen's blog to go over with Luke. I filled these out the first week of the new year and I absolutely loved the way they made me look back over my past year. When I did them they prompted me to take inventory of the past year, see what I did that I liked, what I want to continue to do and what I didn't like and want to change in the next year.

I voiced to Luke that I felt like I didn't accomplish a lot this year. Yes I took care of our household and all that comes with raising kids, preparing meals and so forth, but I didn't really accomplish a lot. In fact most times after the kids went to bed I went straight to bed. I did spend half the year pregnant, mostly sick and tired (wow that makes me sound like a JOY), but I really feel like that wasn't an excuse. I should have done more with my time.

While talking to Luke I found myself using the word "intention" a lot. I want to live this year with intention. One thing that really discouraged me was I felt like I lived a lot of 2015 worrying about the dumbest things. And that sort of sickens me to look back and only remember worry. The past year was a year of my children's lives, a year in my marriage, a year of having fun with friends and growing with our church family and doing so many amazing things, yet it looks like there was a cloud of worry over it all because I GAVE so much of my own time to worry. I definitely want to change that going forward.

Throughout the past year Luke mentioned to me many times that he was worried that I never did anything for myself.  Most of the time when I was doing something it was for our house or the kids, but I never took the time to actually take care of myself which obviously isn't good. He asked me to try and sit down and write for 30 minutes everyday. He knows that this is a way I process life, by sitting and writing things out and that I enjoy it and he thought it would be good for me to try and do it everyday.

I listened to his encouragement and started trying to write everyday.  Most nights after the kids go to bed I sit down and write. Sometimes it is 30 min and sometimes it is five minutes. Sometimes it's a journal of sorts just going through what I did and thought and felt that day, sometimes it's a prayer journal and sometimes it's me writing out what I felt like God was showing me that day.

I love doing this. In the last year I feel like God spoke to me many times, but its all jumbled in my mind somewhere, by sitting and writing it all out it helps it "stick" and I actually process it better.

And as I've mentioned before I'm a sharer by nature. Sometimes when God puts something on my heart I want to share it and recently when I was writing He brought something to my heart that I wanted to share....

The other day we were driving to church and I was sitting at a red light at an intersection. For some reason at this moment Annie started screaming "GO GO GO". I of course dismissed her screaming and waited till the light turned green. If you are a parent you have probably mastered the art of "tuning out". Which maybe I should say if you are a "mother" because I have found that Luke is not able to tune out the kids as well as I am. But they can be going crazy in the back of the car and I can have my tunes playing up front not even paying attention to their antics.

Anyways, we pulled up to another red light at a busy intersection and again she started screaming "GO GO GO". I have no idea why she was so insistent on going that day, but the fact that we were stopped was not fitting into her timeline. And she was very adamant and pushy about it.

Not only is she one and doesn't understand that we can't pull out, but she's also rear facing, she can't even see what's going on out there, yet she wants to GO GO GO.  I could see and I knew that there was no way we could go forward into traffic.

And in that moment I felt that gentle "nudge" the one that says "learn from this", "remember this",  "you are not too different from your one year old". Right now in life I feel like I'm at a standstill, I can see things way ahead that I want to accomplish but right now there is a red light in front of me, I want to yell GO GO GO at the Lord and in fact have done so many times. But all I hear is "wait". I can't see in front of me and I have no idea what the road looks like, it could be filled with traffic and whizzing cars and the Lord is protecting me by sitting still. Yet I go crazy, I yell at Him to just GO pull out, I don't care what it's like, please for the love just move this car. Yet he remains faithful. He doesn't go just because I tell him to. He knows what is next and He knows what the timeline looks like and He waits for that perfect moment to move forward. Just as I'm protecting my children by not moving into oncoming traffic He is protecting us. Patiently sitting at the red light because it's common sense, when my inner child just wants to go, He waits for the best time.

I thought about that scenario all day, and how pushy I can be. And it's almost laughable. Why do I think I know what is best for me? Why do I try and take charge when I can't even see what's in front of me? Why not simply trust the One who can see it all and knows what is best.

I love when little moments like that happen and I feel that nudge from the Lord.  It is definitely our tendency as humans to try and do things our own way and take charge, so I'm thankful for moments like this when the Lord reminds me to stop, wait, and trust. What a good reminder.