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I am truly disappointed in myself that my blog has gone to the way-side. I've always enjoyed writing and storytelling and memory journaling so I thought for sure I would keep up with my blog, but alas Life took over and it got pushed aside.

And I would be lying a little if I said I just got too "busy" for blogging, because really I make sure that I don't get too busy. But blogging just became….well almost complicated. I became unsure of how much I should post about my kids and our lives and I let other worries about "blogging" bog me down and I quit doing what I love, and that is simply sharing my heart.

I'm a story teller by nature though so the "notes" section in my phone is FULL of stories I feel prompted to write about, or journals of experiences I'm going through in the moment or ways in which I feel God is teaching me something and I must write it out. Writing just comes natural to me. If I feel God is teaching me something I want to share it from the rooftops because I want to live an authentic life. A life changed by Him and I want Him to use me to help change others. So instead of shouting it from the rooftops I add it to the notes section in my phone. Equally as effective.

When I was younger I would stay with my grandparents and I would sit next to my grandpa and type on the typewriter he set up for me. I would type poems, short stories, and anything that came to my mind. It wasn't profound, and like now, my grammar wasn't always on par and sometimes I need to do a better job of proofreading but it was a way for me to express myself. I love to share, and sometimes I over-share, but writing is a way I do that.

So I'm excited to announce that I have teamed up with a group of women who are all incredible writers to form a blog for women called Presence Woman. It's still in the early stages, but I will be writing over there come January, so stay tuned for more details and links! I am honored to have been chosen and am hoping this gives me the kick in the rear I need to sit down and do what I love - story tell.

Switching gears….COMPLETELY,
But I know a lot of my Scentsy customers read my blog, my Scentsy business is very much still up and going and thriving. I say it often, so much that it has become cliche and redundant but I can't believe what a blessing this business has been.

I send a a personal newsletter each month to all my customers with news and personal specials. These personal specials are only available through me and usually the only way to find out about them is through my newsletter. If you want to receive these newsletters please email me at MeganTree84{at}gmail{dot}com and I will add you. Make the subject line NEWSLETTER so that I will be sure and see it.

ALso, for the next 3 days there are going to be some amazing specials on my webiste

Here’s a sneak peek at the daily deals:
Dec. 2: Scentsy Warmers (including limited-edition Warmers of the Month!)
Dec. 3: Scentsy Bars
Dec. 4: On the Go (Scent Circles, Travel Tins and Scent Paks)

If you've ever wanted to try Scentsy or need a gift now would be a good time! Take advantage of these deals! 

So there's an update from me about two of my "work" areas right now in this season of life; writing and Scentsy. I'm excited to be writing more in the new year and I would love for you to follow along!

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