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Baby Tree #3!

A couple of months ago, while on vacation in Colorado with our family I told Luke that I felt like we were done having kids. We had our boy and our girl and it just seemed like we were done.

Three days later I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant! Unexpectedly pregnant but pregnant for sure.

We have since decided that I felt that "done" feeling because I subconsciously knew that I had a baby inside of me and now that we had three babies I felt done.

So ready or not, our baby BOY is coming in March!!!

Ironically we found out we were having a boy the exact same day we found out we were having a boy five years ago.

I'm now 17 weeks and feeling really good. For the first 14 weeks I was sick sick sick. The sickest I've been out of all my pregnancies. I am so thankful to be feeling better and back to my old eating-all-the-time self! 

We are praying that I do not have placenta previa this time around, but we know regardless the situation is completely in God's hands. He has shown time and time again that He knows what is best for us and our lives are completely in His hands - so we choose to trust Him completely.

We have a couple of names that we are tossing around but nothing that we are set on yet. Eli is very set on naming the baby Joey Michaenagelo and came close to tearing up today when I told him we weren't going to name him Joey Michaelangelo. I felt bad and had a crazy moment when I told Luke maybe we should think about considering that name. I've heard of older siblings naming their kids and thought it was sweet but we decided maybe Eli's name choice wasn't out favorite.

So that's the latest update in our lives. Baby Tree #3 coming in March!  Hopefully I will post updates as the pregnancy progresses, but considering I always make plans to come blog and never do I can't make any promises with myself.