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A Bit of Housekeeping

It's been almost two years since I got a new blog look (thanks so Jessica) and I had her add the tabs at the top because I planned on updating them. 

Then I procrastinated and put it off.

Then I kind of quit blogging and debated whether to quit for good. 

Then I decided I would miss it too much and started posting more often.

Yet the tabs remained untouched. 

So now i'm working to actually put text in them.

The About Me and Scentsy tabs have always had information in them although they desperately need to be redone. Now that Annie is a week away from one I should really add her to my story on my About Me. 

I did add a video to the Scentsy tab which is something I've wanted to do for awhile. You can check it out here:

I've also added a column on my blog to the right of the most popular posts according to blogger. This is based purely off of the number of hits each post has received which is why the last post of "basketball and snuggie" is on there. Believe me there is nothing monumental in that post unless me proudly modeling a blue Snuggie is monumental. But because I put "snuggie" in the title I'm assuming a lot of people found that post when really they were wanting a basketball themed snuggie.

I apologize if that is how you stumbled across this blog.

Hopefully I will get around to updating the "popular posts" tab, which clearly I should just rename it "posts I like the most" because I will be the one choosing them.

So really this is nothing important, just a bit of housekeeping.

Except now I realized I really miss that snnuggie. Those really were an amazing invention. I wonder where that thing went.

And now I'm wondering since I said "snuggie" so many times if this will become my new #1 most popular post? Do people even care about the snuggie anymore?


  1. When you have someone do a makeover on your blog do they log in and do it all for you? Just curious since I am not technically savy but wanted a new look for mine! Btw I love that you are blogging more, I always love to read your posts.


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