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Random Random

1. We have dark wood floors covering almost our entire first floor in our house and up until I found the Bissell Perfect Sweet Turbo the floor were the bane of my existence. I was constantly sweeping ALL THE TIME. A friend who also has a baby who drops large amounts of food told me about the sweeper and told me to get it. Best decision of my life. I even posted a video on my Instagram about the sweeper because I'm so passionate about it. Seriously everybody with tile or wood floors NEEDS THIS SWEEPER.

 2. Annie has started ripping out all her bows. I knew this day was coming but I was hoping it would happen when she had a bit longer hair. People mistake her for a boy all the time.
3. This makes NO sense if you read #2 but if you have a Etsy shop suggestion for bows let me know. I have a very specific bow in mind that I'm wanting to get Anniston for her 1st birthday and I can't find anything that matches what I have in mind.

4. It is very possible to get strong cravings while NOT pregnant. With that said, I have been craving bleu cheese lately. I don't even like bleu cheese but I've been eating it like its going out of style!

5. How many sheets do you have for your bed? We've had two sets but recently one got a hole in it so I threw it away.  Now we only have one set and it's a pain in the butt when we go to get in bed and I remember that the sheets are still in the washer. Not that I would ever do that....

6. Almost everything is 10% off on my website this month! If you've been wanting to try the products now is the time.

7. And all these scents are being discontinued! I always stock up on Honey Pear Cider before it goes away for the season. And dang I just remember pomegrante pear is going away. Definitely a new favorite of mine. I need to make a list of my top scents because I get asked what they are all the time.

8. Usually I'm the one in our family that binge watches a Netflix show, but recently Luke started watching Cheers. He started on the first episode and is working his way through the entire series. I'm not watching with him but he watches in bed at night so I hear it all. Just hearing it brings back memories of being a little girl at home with my family.

9. Have you heard about the theory surrounding the Titanic movie? There is one theory that suggests that Jack is not even a real person but instead was completely made up in the head of Rose. MIND. BLOWN. She so desperately wanted to escape her fiance that she created this whole other person in her mind, her dream man. I AM SHOCKED. It would explain why he didn't get up on the board at the end since CLEARLY there was enough room for him.

10. We are supposed to get snow this weekend and I'm hoping we do! One last snow and then let's move onto Spring!


  1. Ok, so about sheets: I have 2 sets, but of course I like one better than the other.... so clearly I need 3, because 2 is not enough. My new favorite sheets came from Target and I need a duplicate, because we know they won't be around forever.

    Although, the downside of too many sets of sheets is folding the damn fitted sheet.


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