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Meals from Last Week

I'm going to toot my own horn for a minute and say last week was a good food week in our house.

I sat down and meal planned all meals, grocery shopped all at once (instead of several trips throughout the week) and almost all of the meals were a hit.

But lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice, right? I sort of already feel like this week is not going to go the same direction. I found $20 in my jacket pocket this morning and I declared it Chick Fila for dinner night! Sometimes we just need a Chick Fila night,  can I get an Amen!?!?

Here our the recipes from last week

Monday: Chicken Fajita Bake
Ok, if you need a meal this week THIS IS IT. I'm not even joking. A friend from Instagram posted this recipe last week so I decided to try it. It will definitely go into our rotation. It is so easy and good and filling and makes great leftovers. I served this with black beans and made some of Pioneer Woman's Salsa. It was delicious!

Tuesday: Damn Delicious Sweet and Sour chicken
Yes I already made this again. It's just that good! Instead of pairing it with rice I made Pioneer Woman's Simple Sesame noodles. Perfect!

Wednesday: Damn Delicious Spinach Tomato Tortellin
This is the first recipe that I've made from that site that I didn't really care for. But if I'm being honest it very well could have been user-error. First of all it wasn't until I started preparing it that I realized it didn't have any meat in it, so that was a negative point towards it. Then it was just way creamier than I prefer and more so than how it looks in the pictures on her site. So again it was probably my fault but I won't be making this one again.

Thursday: Skinny Taste Lasagna Soup
Oh my yum. I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say I've never made a meal from Gina that I didn't like (Gina is the author of Skinny Taste we are on a first name basis). I want to get her cookbook soon because I can only imagine it is packed full of amazing food. This soup was wonderful! That's the soup on the left and then on the right is the cheese mixture that you put in your soup. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Friday: Skinny Taste Crockpot Picadillo
This was an interesting recipe for me to fix because I've never really had anything of this sort. It was ground beef with olives and red peppers and various other items and then you ate it on brown rice. Everybody here was a fan and it was easy to just leave out the green olives for Eli when I scooped his helping.

Saturday: I was gone all day at a Scentsy meeting so the family ate leftovers

Sunday: Once again I made Paula Deen's Taco Soup. I really love it a lot. (apparently since I make it about once a week)

I love to make a good dessert every week to eat throughout the week (which could explain the lingering pregnancy weight). This week I made some Monster Cookie Dough Dip. It's just as delicious as it looks!

 That's all! I need to meal plan for the week as I'm sure I won't find random $20 bills everyday this week. Darn.


  1. I'm defeintely planning on making that chicken fajita bake. We make fajitas a lot but I HATE how the house smells so strong afterwards and maybe this will leave less of an oder than when they simmer on the stove top.

  2. I have the SkinnyTaste cookbook - it will not disappoint you, it has all new recipes!!

  3. yum! I'm pinning that chicken fajita bake!

    And I bought the Skinnytaste cookbook for my mom and my mil for's beautiful! I should have bought one for myself!

  4. I agree about Chic-Fil-A nights! ;) That pesto sounds delicious. May need to try that soon.

  5. That all looks delicious! I love stuff like the chicken fajita bake that I can prep during nap, then is hands off.


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