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Half Decade Collection

I have horrible eyesight, without my contacts or glasses I can't see very far in front of me, everything becomes a blur. I wear glasses 90% of the time and use my glasses only at night. Usually even if I'm sick I will put my contacts in because I feel better when wearing them. I've never had very stylish glasses and only use them as "backup" to my contacts. 
However I have always wanted several pairs of glasses to wear. Obviously not at the same time but I've always dreamed that I would be a person who changes their glasses with their outfits. I would probably also need a lifestyle change because this would have to be a person who actually gets dressed and doesn't just wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt everyday, but someday I want to be a girl who plans glasses and outfits together. It sounds so magical.

If I became this person I would most definitely look to Warby Parker. They have SO many fashionable glasses options at such great prices. Plus I love that for every pair of glasses sold a pair is given to someone who needs glasses. That's just awesome.

Recently Warby Parker celebrated their 5th anniversary, and today they launched a half decade collection; five a half shapes from their first collection re-released in their signature hue, blue. I browsed the website at these frames and they are all gorgeous! Definitely worth checking out! Who doesn't need a cute pair of blue glasses? 

I decided to pretend like I was a fashionable person who gets dressed in real people clothes everyday and put together a few outfits that I would wear if I had glasses from this limited edition collection.

 The Wiloughby frames

The Huxley frames
There are several other frames in the half decade collection that are worth checking out! With stylish frames like this I can imagine Warby Parker will be around for a long long time! In their five years they have given out over one million glasses to people in need, imagine how many more they will give out in the next five years!!

If you wear glasses you should go to their website and play around, you can even upload your picture to "try on" the glasses! There are so many options and even sunglasses!

And just FYI I was not compensated for this post at all and these are all my own thoughts. I just wanted to share the news about Warby Parker and their five years of giving to those in need.

Hopefully one day I will have cute glasses and wear them day to day. My eye doctor always tells me my eyes need to rest from my contacts, I just prefer they rest in cute frames.


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