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Meals from Last Week

Thank you all SO MUCH for your comments and words regarding my post last week about panic attacks. It is amazing to see how many people struggle with anxiety. I'm so thankful for medication and counseling and everything that goes into making that journey a little bit easier.

I appreciate everybody who shared taking the time to share a little bit of their experience. I know it isn't always easy to talk about but I think it makes it easier for others when we open that door and actually start to vocalize our experiences, so thank you again! We went out of town this weekend with spotty internet access (meaning I could get it if I held my phone just right while sticking my tongue out and standing on one leg while shouting prayer to the heavens) so I haven't responded to comments and emails yet but I will!

Last week we had some good meals that I for sure want to share.

Monday: A couple of months ago I got together with some friends and did a freezer meal prep night. We all brought our own groceries and then we prepared a bunch of meals to be frozen and to stick in the crockpot to cook whenever we needed. This has been awesome and such a life saver on days when I didn't feel like cooking. I had one meal left so I put it in the crockpot to eat that night before our small group came to our house.

Then somewhere around 2:00 I decided I didn't want to eat what was in the crockpot. Ridiculous I know but I was craving pizza so badly. So Luke stopped and got pizza on the way home from work and we ate the crockpot meal throughout the week for lunch.

Tuesday: Skinny Taste Meatball and Spaghetti Soup
This was a new concept to me - spaghetti and meatball SOUP. But Eli has been asking me to make spaghetti and meatballs and it's been so cold I could eat soup everyday so I decided to just combine the two preferences when I found this recipe. This was SO good. Luke loved it and said it was a changeup from our normal food we eat. (I tend to make A LOT of mexican food). I will definitely make this again.

{This was a good meal for Annie to eat with us!)

Wednesday: Skinny Taste BBQ Chicken Chili
I didn't plan to make this meal this week but then a friend posted it on Instagram and I just had to make it that night. I've made it before but forgot about it (which happens a lot which is a main reason I want to put all my recipes on here so I can go back and remember what we've eaten). So we had soup two nights in a row but they were both very good soups. This was delicious and made a lot so we had a lot of leftovers!

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday and Saturday: Out of town

Sunday: A neighbor made us some ribs on his grill - Ummm YES PLEASE. They were delicious.

I'm always on the lookout for new food blogs so if you have a favorite one please share! (or if you've made a delicious meal lately please share!)


  1. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes too. One of my favorite most recent finds is slow cooker creamy chicken fajita soup from Six Sister's, it was so good & even better for lunch the next day!

    One of my favorite food blogs is

  2. I don't really do food blogs but I love

  3. That chicken chili looks great. I'll have to try it. Not to blatantly self promote but I do monthly food posts and they are generally my most popular. All the posts are here:

    Not always the most busy mom friendly but there are some great easy recipes. :)

  4. BBQ Chicken Chili sounds amazing! I need to try that for our menu plan next week. :)


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