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Five Reasons.....

Five reasons why January is an awesome month to purchase Scentsy.....

1. January is Bring Back My Bar month! All of these scents are available for this month only - which means you only have one week left to purchase them!

I think my favorite scent out of all of these scents is Lavender Vanilla but I'm still working my way through them so time will tell.

2. The Warmer of the Month, Charmer is so cool and different than anything that has come out in the past. This is what the warmer looks like when you purchase it.....

However there are SO many options of what you can do with this warmer. You an fill the warmer with decorative items to create different looks! Here are some neat ideas.

3. Ice Hotel is my most popular Scent of the Month in a long time. SO yummy. If you like clean, fresh scents then this is the scent for you!

4. I have THREE personal specials this month that can't be beat! If you are interested in hearing my three specials email me! MeganTree84{at}gmail{dot}com

5. There are still several scents of bricks left to purchase for only $16! That is a heck of a deal! Also, always check out the closeout section on my website for some awesome deals!


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