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Our day on Wednesday

Recently when  my parents moved my mom found an old journal buried in a box. It was a journal she started when me and my middle sister were young and when my mom was still pregnant with my youngest sister.

She texted me a picture of the journal so that I could read it and although it was just a normal-everyday "mundane" day in our lives at that point (year 1992) it was so fun and interesting to look back on now.

She talked about going to the doctor, and going to check on the new house with me and my sister and other random tid bits from that particular day. I loved reading every bit of it in my now adult eyes looking back on my childhood. Not only looking back on my childhood but also looking back at my parents as actual people. At the time they were fearless, confident, and worry-free in my eyes, but now being in their shoes I see they were just practically kids themselves, figuring out this life day to day.

I texted my mom and asked her to send me the other pages that it was so fun to read, and she texted back that she only kept the journal that one day. Well that was a big disappointment! I would have loved to read all about the normal days of my childhood from my mom's perspective. Her thoughts, concerns, attitude and just view on our life, the life I remember so fondly.

Because of that incident I've been encouraged to journal more in my life. I have no idea what the world will look like when my children are older, but I think it would be so neat for them to have memories of what the world looked like when they were little, when their parents were new to this parenting thing figuring it out every step of the way.

I would like to make a commitment to write more just day to day memories but I've never been good with commitments so like I do everything I will just take it day by day. I want to be more active about writing down our memories and journaling our pics. I want my kids to not just look back at the pictures but to look at the background, to see that our house was usually messy, and some days we had bad days, and that's ok, that's normal!

So today I made an effort to take pics throughout the day. Nothing extraordinary happened and it was pretty much a regular run of the mill day, but everyday is different and I want to do my best to record the memories both the big and small.

So here was our day Wednesday October 1st.

I started my day at 5:30 by waking up for boot camp. I've started going with a friend recently and I'm really enjoying it. I have seen NO difference in my body but I also continue to eat like a person who hasn't seen food in a week. It could be the fault of nursing, or perhaps eating like a cow for a year while pregnant. Either way I've still got a ways to go before I get into my regular clothes again. But boot camp is fun and it's nice to be awake before the family.

I got back around 7:10 and started picking up around the house while Luke got ready for work. Shortly after that the kiddos woke up and we started our day.

Eli has school on Wednesdays so our morning was a bit more hurried than other mornings. Luke left for work while Annie and Eli enjoyed their breakfast.

Cereal for Annie

Waffles on the floor while watching Daniel Tiger for Eli

I dropped Eli off at school and met up with Luke for Eli's "parent teacher conference". It was a little funny to have a "conference" for a three year old but I'm glad his school makes the effort to keep parent's connected. Plus it was good to spend some time with Luke during the day.

 Then I went to run some errands.

Around 11:00 I went to get my hair done. The other day I was thinking about the days when I would get my hair done every 6 weeks on the dot. That is a DISTANT memory now. I get my hair done about 3 times a year at tops. And that's just if we have extra money to put towards it. I hope to be blonde again one day when I can handle the upkeep but for now brown hair is easier to maintain.

A friend from bootcamp did my hair, it was nice to visit with her. She homeschools her kids so her young daughters were more than happy to watch Annie most of the time. It was a nice couple of hours.

After my hair cut and color I went home, ate a fast lunch and then went to get Eli. He had a great day at school (as usual).

 After I got Eli we stopped at Braums to get chocolate milk (a necessity in our house). He really wanted to drink it in the store but I needed to get home to feed Annie so I asked for a cup and poured him a cup right there in the store so he could feel like he was drinking it there. I felt half genius and half ghetto. Which could sum up my life.

Then we came home and played in the playroom for a bit and then outside for awhile.

Then Luke came home and we ate dinner that I had put in the crockpot earlier in the day (HOLLA). It was not a peaceful dinner but rather one filled with "life" (that's a good way to say it). Eli didn't want to eat and Annie was screaming in between bites.

Eli and Luke went to church and Annie and I went to Target to get our weekly necessities. 

We all arrived back home around 8:30 in time to start bedtime and get the house picked up for the night.

On a whim I purchased Gone Girl on my Kindle so now I'm going to read that. Well it wasn't really a whim but rather seeing 200 commercials for it and deciding I should read it.

So that was our day. We stayed busy all day, but it was a good day!


  1. The busy life of a mom :)

    You'll love Gone Girl... get it done before the movie! I've gotta find someone to go see it with me.

  2. Loved this post! Sounds like a day in my life.

  3. Fantastic idea to jot down normal day to day stuff!! I just finished Gone Girl, What a crazy (but awesome) book! Love your blog :)

  4. Gone Girl is SO good! I love Day in the Life posts! Y'all are BUSY!

  5. Girl, that book is CRAaaaaazy! Happy reading. And journaling :)


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