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Meals Last Week

Where do the weeks go??? I seriously plan to blog every day and have all these ideas in my head and I have half-written posts in my drafts and then before I know it its Wednesday and I haven't published anything.

The weeks dissapear faster than my memory on my iphone.

But really, where does that memory go? Why do I delete hundreds of pictures, texts, emails and even favorite apps yet I still have NO SPACE???

It's a conspiracy I tell you. I don't know what kind of conspiracy or what the reasoning would be, but I'm a constant skeptic so I call CONSPIRACY.

Another conspiarcy? Alarm clocks. If you don't set your alarm clock you will somehow, suddenly wake up early in the morning without the ability to go back to sleep.

If you do set your alarm you end up pushing snooze 18 million times and feeling more drowsy than you did the day you didn't set your alarm. Weird.

I experienced this conspiarcy this morning. I planned to go to bootcamp and set my alarrm. And then somehow slept through it for about 30 min. Well I kept pushing snooze in my sleep. Which is not uncommon for me. In high school and college I had to put my alarm clock across the room so that I would have to wake up and walk to it to turn it off. And still sometimes I wouldn't remember turning it off. So basically not really a conspiracy but just a person who can sleep through anything. Except my children crying.

Anyways, all of that to say, I came here to share my meal plan from last week (flawless transition there, thank ya).

It was a not so great week of eating out several times. I have spent almost the entire time that I've lived here in our town looking for good Chinese and while I was pregnant I found it and now when I get a craving for it I HAVE TO HAVE IT. So have it I did this weekend. Along with several other eating out experiences. Not the best use of our money. But it satisfied my craving for some good Chinese food.

Monday: Chili
It was a little "chilly" on Monday. Well it was probably like mid-70's but that's cool to me so I made my favorite chili which is this Whole Foods Market Chili recipe. Seriously the best.

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Crockpot Sasuage Dinner
This is one of those easy throw it all in the corckpot and forget about it dinners.

Thursday: Spicy whole wheat linguini with sasuage and roasted peppers.
This is a Skinny Taste recipe which did not disappoint at all (I've never had a bad recipe from that site).  I did make this un-spicy for my bunch.

Friday: BLT's
This is one of my favorite easy dinners. We eat it with chips and dip. Easy and yummy!

And then it was followed by our bad weekend of eating out. Eating out and trying to figure out what Luke and I will wear for our annual family pics. It was thrilling. 

Try the chili! You'll thank me!

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  1. Hey girl! Please share the great Chinese there! I never really found it while living there either. I always settled for the place on Santa Fe and 33rd.


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