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Our Summer Recap

Every year around the beginning of August I start getting that "fall-itch". I start yearning for days of boots and cardigans. Scarves and hot drinks. Pumpkin patch trips and football games and bonfires. It all sounds so magical when I'm surrounded by nothing but hot days resulting in a full body sweat just from stepping outside.

But this year is different. I can't quite put my finger on why I don't have the yearning for Fall this year, but for once I am not ready for summer to end. Our summer has been unbelievably cool. I mean we've had days where the temps were in the 70's. SEVENTIES. It was a bit freaky and made me wonder if the end of the world was rapidly approaching, but still the coolness in the air was heavenly.

Another factor in not wanting summer to end is probably the fact that Eli is at such a fun age. We have so much fun together. We go to the pool, go to the park, spend time playing outside and end each day with bike rides around the neighborhood and playing outside with our neighbors. It has truly been a perfect summer.

And through it all Annie tags along with us. Our second born has no choice but to have a "go with the flow" attitude and so she does. Never fussy or hard to please, she has been the perfect addition to our family.

In true Megan-I-will-always-find-something-to-worry-about fashion I was worried at the beginning of the summer that it would drag on. I was worried about keeping Eli "entertained" and I was sort of sad that we weren't planning on going anywhere for vacation, I just wasn't looking forward to the summer season.

But in true God I've-always-got-everything-under-control fashion He revealed many things to me this summer; not to worry about the future, don't try and plan everything, each day is a gift, and the most importantly through the mundane days of summer I was once again reminded just how important my job as a mom is. This life right now is my children's childhood. It sounds like such a obvious statement but sometimes in the day to day of getting all my tasks done I forget to just stop and enjoy every moment. Even the moments that don't seem special are special because they are moments of their childhood. I am helping shape them everyday so what may seem like just another day at home to me, is really a day for me to spend playing with my kids.

I feel like a broken record to myself because I'm constantly reminding myself of these things, but I think it sticks a little bit more every time. And also watching Eli grow and become more independent helps me understand these things even more.

A glimpse into our summer:

After being cooped up inside all winter we ventured outside and met our neighbors in our new neighborhood. We have had so much fun getting to know everyone and have made some great friends. It's the highlight of Eli's day every night to go outside after dinner and play with all the kids. We have even had the occasional water balloon fight

 (these photos were clearly not taken by me)

Eli mastered riding his bike. It was hard for him to pedal at first but eventually he got the hang of it, and has even since graduated to a bigger bike. Such a big boy.

Annie went from a tiny newborn baby, to a loud and active baby. She's still a tiny girl at only 11 lbs but she is definitely full of personality. She spends a lot of time laughing at her funny brother.

We started going to a weekly playgroup where I've been able to make some new friendships and Eli has fun playing with the other kids.

I  mastered the art of "wearing" my baby and Annie spends a lot of time in a baby carrier. It makes life easier

Eli abandoned his love of The Polar Express and found a new love with The Sandlot. Which resulted in countless hours of playing baseball outside. According to Luke he has gotten really good for a three year old!  He also is always sure to wear his "Benny hat" which is an LA Dodgers hat that Benny the Jet wears in The Sandlot

Luke and I celebrated our sixth year of marriage. We went out to eat which is a rarity for us. It was such a fun night as we reminisced on the past six {wonderful} years. So truly thankful for Luke and the Godly man he is and all the ways he serves our family.

Luke took a Sunday off and we spent a long weekend visiting both our families. It was our "vacation" this year. It was relaxing and just what we needed. 

Have I mentioned that we spent A LOT of time outside? I usually wear Annie or put her in the stroller and then we go outside and Eli rides and rides and rides. At night he likes to play basketball with the boys from down the street

Those were just a few of the fun things that kept our summer occupied. We also had a lot of time inside playing, watching TV, movies, and the occasional childhood temper tantrums. It was a well-rounded summer. 

Eli starts "school" in just a few weeks. He will once again go to a Mother's Day Out program two days a week. I'm so glad we aren't at the "big" school age yet, two days a week is enough for right now. This summer has shown me just how much I love these lazy days at home with my babies.

And I'm sure, before too long I will be ready for Fall weather with those hot drinks and cute boots and football games. Just a few football games - let's not get carried away.


  1. Your neighborhood sounds JUST like the one I grew up in - I'm still close to all the families on the street, and we always talk about how we hope someday we can live someplace just like home!!

  2. You have the cutest babies. Well, I guess Eli isn't a baby anymore, but they're both adorable. What a fun summer!

  3. Looks like a perfect summer.
    You two look fantastic after 6 years of marriage & 2 babies :)

  4. You have a couple adorable children.
    Congrats on 6 years!

  5. Such a sweet, perfect summer! All of that outside time looks fabulous!


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