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New Struts

A couple of weeks ago my car started making a noise. Well it wasn't so much of a noise as it was a weird feeling vibration thingy coming from the right front side of the car. The combined noise and weird vibration feeling made me certain that my tire was going to fall off at any point.

But that seemed like it would be expensive to fix so I continued to put it off and not take it to the shop. 

This is what I do in my life, I procrastinate. I hate it about myself but I keep saying that tomorrow I'll change, I'll be better. And then I decide I'll change later.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Eventually my car needed an oil change so I used this opportunity to explain the weird feeling/noise that was coming from my car. 

Good news: my tire wasn't just going to fall off while driving.

Bad news: I needed new struts. Struts are expensive. Wouldn't ya know something called "strut" is expensive. Just makes sense.

We dropped my car off on a Monday not knowing how much it would end up costing us at the end of all the services. So when they offered me a rental car I politely declined.

In my mind I felt like I could save us money if I didn't have a rental car. I couldn't run to Target to get "necessities". I couldn't go out to eat at lunch just because chick fila sounded better than a turkey sandwich at home. Plus I would save a ton of money on gas if I wasn't driving around.

Basically I felt like I was a regular ole Proverbs 31 woman sacrificing for my family.

So for the majority of the week Eli, Annie and I have been housebound. And for the most part it's gone pretty well.

Normally I would have run to the store to get groceries to cook what I wanted to eat for the night, but without a car I couldn't do that. So I became resourceful and made dinner (and lunches) from what we had in the house. It was like I was a Pioneer woman. Maybe even The Pioneer woman.

There  also haven't been any Sonic runs during the day, and we've all  managed to survive.

And the cherry on top of the whole story is that my warranty on my car is going to cover the cost of the repairs.

If that's not a reward for my sacrifice of living without a rental car then I don't know what is.

However I'm very ready to have my car back. It's been nice not feeling rushed around or on the go, but enough time has passed for that gig. Let's get my car back so I can actually go the store and buy some groceries.

I'm excited to drive my car around with new struts. That just sounds fancy!


  1. This is depressing. I'm having the same experience with my car!

    I too may chose to ignore it for a while...

  2. At least they didn't cost you anything. We had to replace the ones on my husband's car about 18 months ago. They wouldn't rotate the tires because they were wearing funny and thought we needed an alignment. Turns out we got brand new struts and they are not cheap. Our warranty was long gone because the car was 8 years old and almost 90,000 miles on it. Good news is, they will last the lifetime of the car for us!

  3. This makes me nervous cause my car started doing the same thing last week. IGNORE!


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