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A List-Maker

I'm a list maker, it's what I do, I sit down and make a list and it makes me feel 100 times more productive than if I make a list in my head, or even on my phone or computer.

I need paper and a pen. I need to physically write down every single thing that needs to be done. In black ink. Not blue, pink, red or green. It needs to be black. And then when I complete the task on my to-do list I mark it out with red ink. Must be red.

I've even been known to make a list and include tasks that I've already completed just so I can feel the relief that comes when I cross through the word with red ink, knowing that it's done, completed and in the past.

If I make a list I accomplish more, for some reason the act of making a list spurs me on, it flips a switch in me that causes me to get to work.

But for the past six months or so I quit making lists. I've made a couple of lists here and there. Lists of things we needed to get done before Annie came, lists of bills that need to be taken care of, and I made a list of everything in my house that needed to be deep cleaned, however I only got to about half of them.

Because of my lack of list making lately I haven't been as productive in many areas of my life. For some reason when I was pregnant with Annie I figured I would just bounce right back into my groove after she came, but I didn't and I still haven't.

I keep waiting to wake up one day and decide that it's the day to get back into my groove, and then I don't. No reasons or excuses. Actually I do have an excuse I blame summer. It's sunny and pretty and we spend our time outside having fun. It's a good excuse, but mama needs to get productive again.

So today I woke up and made a list, and it felt good. I made a list of Scentsy related tasks, home related tasks, calls to make and things to organize. I also added "write a blog post" to the to-do list.

I hate that I haven't been writing much lately. Well actually at all. I hate that I haven't kept track of Annie's monthly milestones (I love reading back at Eli's) and all the fun things we've done lately. So here I am writing so that I can mark it off my list. I miss it too much when I don't do it.  Plus the satisfaction I get of using my red pen is something I don't want to miss.

I have given myself grace for not getting back into my groove so easily and I'm still giving myself grace, but I'm also ready, ready to mark through some to-do lists!