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Summer Days

In the past, summer was never my favorite season. I always make a big deal out of enjoying every season in it's time, but Fall had always remained at the top of my seasons ranking list.

But that could very well be changing this summer.

As with pretty much EVERYTHING in life, having a kid changes things, and I now realize that includes the seasons of the year.

This past winter was a long one, filled with LOTS of icy, cold days trapped inside using our imagination as best we could.

It felt like the cold days would never end and when it did we welcomed the warm weather with open arms.

With a wild and active three year old (which really, what three year old isn't active?) being trapped in the house isn't ideal. Summer has just started and we have already spent so much of these warm days outside.

I have told Luke many times this year that I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe summer has become my new favorite season.

Eli is at such a fun age and we are able to go and do so much. We spend a lot of our time at the neighborhood pool, or at one of several parks we enjoy going to. We like to go outside and play baseball, or I will sit and hold Annie outside while Eli rides his bike round and round and round.

At night after dinner we go back outside and we go on a walk, or just play in the yard until bedtime.

I'm sure once we've had endless days of triple digit heat I will be longing for the cooler temps of fall but right now we are enjoying every moment of summertime, soaking up these long days together!