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{Review} Post Pregnancy Clothing

With both of my pregnancies I loved being pregnant. It was such a joyous time in my life. I loved feeling the kick of my babies inside of me, sometimes even being able to watch them from outside my body change positions in the womb.

However, after both of my pregnancies I have found that I am not a fan of that "transition" stage after giving birth. You know what I'm talking about right? The stage between maternity clothes and regular clothes. It's tricky trying to dress that new unfamiliar body, and then it gets even more complicated when you add in nursing and trying to find clothes that are convenient to your nursing lifestyle.

So when I was contacted by Eve of Eden maternity to try some of their nursing clothes to help me feel more stylish in that postpartum stage I knew I needed to jump at the opportunity.

I had a hard time deciding what clothing I wanted to order when browsing the website. There are so many cute tops that would be great during pregnancy and would easily transition into great postpartum nursing clothes as my body is {slowly} transitioning back to it's normal state.

I knew that I would want a couple of more casual tops and then a nicer top to wear to church and out around town.

The Navy Blue Nursing Sweater caught my eye because I love the color of it and it looked casual enough, yet not frumpy at all.

I also chose get the Grey Polka-Dot Nursing Sweater in the same style because I loved the blue sweater so much.

These sweaters are so great and COMFORTABLE, and awesome for nursing because they have buttons on the side for easy access. But I love how the snaps also look stylish, and don't scream "NURSING ATTIRE"

Lastly I chose the Bird-Print Shirt because the colors immediately caught my eye. I mean this shirt is SO pretty in person. Plus it is long enough so that I can wear it with leggings, and it has fun pockets. I'm in love with this shirt!

I wore all of these tops while nursing and now continue to wear them after pregnancy. They are comfortable and stylish and make me feel good - which is hard to do in those first few weeks after giving birth. That time is typically a non-glamorous time, yet these clothes have helped me to feel a little bit glamorous! 

If you are searching for great maternity clothes I highly suggest you check out Eve of Eden maternity wear. You will get SO much use out of these clothes as you can wear them well past your pregnancy days. And an added bonus is you will even feel and look good while wearing them!

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