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Random thoughts

I've been trying to do better about actually sitting down and blogging but when I have the time I end up running around trying to finish a million things before my next feeding, so a little random list will have to work today: 

1. I forgot just how awful this transition time is. I'm talking about the transition time from being 9 months pregnant all the way to getting back into my regular  clothes again. I don't want to buy any clothes but I also can't fit into much. It's an adventure trying to find something to wear (on the days I get dressed) that also works well for nursing. Postpartum time is a weird time. 

2. I always imagined myself with all boys so I was shocked when I found out I was having a girl, but man oh man how thankful I am that God gave us this girl. I can't imagine life without her now, and the outfits and bows are SO much fun! I had to pack a bag for us the other day and it took more time to plan her outfits than my own. I'm loving it. 

3. I have a good Scentsy special going on this month for my customers - even if you've never ordered before. I can't share the details on here but if you email me (megantree84{at}gmail{dot}com) with the subject SCENTSY SPECIAL I will email you back the special. It's a good one! 

Also how cute is this warmer of the month for only $27?
As always you can visit my website at

4. I had my 6 week "all clear" check with my doctor. If has been so nice to return to normal life. I have been jogging and working out again which has been so great, it's amazing what you miss when you can't do it. 

5. I am slowly but surely making progress in Annie's room. I have a couple of DIY projects I need to finish and then it should be complete. Still aiming for that goal of having it all done by her first birthday ;-)

6. I forgot how thirsty you are when breastfeeding. I drink SO much water during the day, and when I sit to nurse Annie I have to have water nearby. It's like she is sucking everything out of me (except for extra fat)

7. Some friends in Luke's hometown are throwing a baby shower for me this weekend. I'm excited to show off Annie! 

8. I'm typing this on my phone. Please excuse any and all mistakes. I've been doing most posts on my phone lately and I got back and find lots of mistakes. Cringe. 

9. When Eli was a newborn baby I never would have put generic diapers on his precious booty. Annie started wearing generic diapers at 2 weeks. I really do love the target up and up diapers. 

10. I am so excited about summer. We don't have any big plans or trips this summer but I love the more relaxed feeling, seeing family more, grilling outside with friends, 4th of July....I love it all! 

Happy weekend! 


  1. The generic Target diapers are my fave when we're not doing cloth. Who needs Pampers??

    And hang in there girl. That transitional time between pregnancy and getting back to your "normal" self is tough, but know that you see it way more than everyone else! You will get back to you!

    And I'm with you...yay for summer! I love easy, free evenings outside. It so beats the pants off winter!


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