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Anniston is One Month

Anniston Grace is already a month old! And as expected I can't believe how fast time is going (somebody beat a dead horse over here)

This first month was a pretty easy month. I was so nervous about bringing a baby into our family and what new obstacles that would present - which it has created new obstacles, but I feel like as a family we've done a good job of adjusting to them all. Some of us better than others, not mentioning any names. (ahem Eli).

During Anniston's first month she has spent the majority of her time sleeping. I forget how much newborns sleep.

Some of Annie's one month "stats"

-She weighs 7 pounds and 5 ounces. She dropped 10 ounces from her birth weight so I had been stressed about getting her up to birth weight and past it. I was more than relieved when we found out she was past 7 pounds.

- She smiles at us sometimes and acts like she wants to "coo" back at us. She especially loves her daddy and always smiles big for him. (he's always the favorite)

- She is eating every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. Ocassionally she will go 5 hours at night but that is few and far between.

- She is hard to get back to sleep after she wakes up at night and is very alert.

- She seems to have some tummy/gas issues which is new to me because Eli never had any of that. I could eat pretty much anything and it didn't affect Eli at all, Annie seems to be more sensitive to what I'm eating. I have quit eating spicy foods after a VERY long night after a spicy dinner.

- Annie is good in the car. She screams when you first put her in her car seat but once we get moving she is ok.

- She loves being in the baby carrier (I currently use the k'tan) and will go to sleep almost immediately after I put her in there. I use it when we walk to the park, go to church, go shopping, and other places, it is so great!

-  Tummy time is not going so well around here, as in she HATES it. Which could be in part due to the toddler who is in her face everytime shes on the ground. We are working on that!

-Although she does love her brother and gives him big smiles

- Everywhere we go people comment on how tiny she is. She is an itty bitty thing.

- It's pretty unanimous that she looks like her daddy. Not just because she got his skin coloring (and crazy hair), they have a lot of the same facial features. I see it a lot in the eyes.

Happy One Month Annie!


  1. I will tell you what you've heard a million times: she's SO tiny!, looks just like your husband and is ADORABLE!

  2. Mercy - you don't realize how tiny she is until you see her next to Eli. Tiny baby.
    Yep - coloring is all her daddy's... but I think Eli is a perfect mix of the two of you - she may be as she grows as well.

  3. She is so cute! No doubt about it, she looks like her daddy! Adorable.

  4. She is just BEAUTIFUL! I never knew either of my children at her size. :) I had chunks!

  5. I can't imagine a 7 pound 1 month old. My son was 8 lbs, 9 ozs at birth and my daughter was 9 lbs on the dot, haha. Anniston is adorable!


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