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{Review} Post Pregnancy Clothing

With both of my pregnancies I loved being pregnant. It was such a joyous time in my life. I loved feeling the kick of my babies inside of me, sometimes even being able to watch them from outside my body change positions in the womb.

However, after both of my pregnancies I have found that I am not a fan of that "transition" stage after giving birth. You know what I'm talking about right? The stage between maternity clothes and regular clothes. It's tricky trying to dress that new unfamiliar body, and then it gets even more complicated when you add in nursing and trying to find clothes that are convenient to your nursing lifestyle.

So when I was contacted by Eve of Eden maternity to try some of their nursing clothes to help me feel more stylish in that postpartum stage I knew I needed to jump at the opportunity.

I had a hard time deciding what clothing I wanted to order when browsing the website. There are so many cute tops that would be great during pregnancy and would easily transition into great postpartum nursing clothes as my body is {slowly} transitioning back to it's normal state.

I knew that I would want a couple of more casual tops and then a nicer top to wear to church and out around town.

The Navy Blue Nursing Sweater caught my eye because I love the color of it and it looked casual enough, yet not frumpy at all.

I also chose get the Grey Polka-Dot Nursing Sweater in the same style because I loved the blue sweater so much.

These sweaters are so great and COMFORTABLE, and awesome for nursing because they have buttons on the side for easy access. But I love how the snaps also look stylish, and don't scream "NURSING ATTIRE"

Lastly I chose the Bird-Print Shirt because the colors immediately caught my eye. I mean this shirt is SO pretty in person. Plus it is long enough so that I can wear it with leggings, and it has fun pockets. I'm in love with this shirt!

I wore all of these tops while nursing and now continue to wear them after pregnancy. They are comfortable and stylish and make me feel good - which is hard to do in those first few weeks after giving birth. That time is typically a non-glamorous time, yet these clothes have helped me to feel a little bit glamorous! 

If you are searching for great maternity clothes I highly suggest you check out Eve of Eden maternity wear. You will get SO much use out of these clothes as you can wear them well past your pregnancy days. And an added bonus is you will even feel and look good while wearing them!

Random thoughts

I've been trying to do better about actually sitting down and blogging but when I have the time I end up running around trying to finish a million things before my next feeding, so a little random list will have to work today: 

1. I forgot just how awful this transition time is. I'm talking about the transition time from being 9 months pregnant all the way to getting back into my regular  clothes again. I don't want to buy any clothes but I also can't fit into much. It's an adventure trying to find something to wear (on the days I get dressed) that also works well for nursing. Postpartum time is a weird time. 

2. I always imagined myself with all boys so I was shocked when I found out I was having a girl, but man oh man how thankful I am that God gave us this girl. I can't imagine life without her now, and the outfits and bows are SO much fun! I had to pack a bag for us the other day and it took more time to plan her outfits than my own. I'm loving it. 

3. I have a good Scentsy special going on this month for my customers - even if you've never ordered before. I can't share the details on here but if you email me (megantree84{at}gmail{dot}com) with the subject SCENTSY SPECIAL I will email you back the special. It's a good one! 

Also how cute is this warmer of the month for only $27?
As always you can visit my website at

4. I had my 6 week "all clear" check with my doctor. If has been so nice to return to normal life. I have been jogging and working out again which has been so great, it's amazing what you miss when you can't do it. 

5. I am slowly but surely making progress in Annie's room. I have a couple of DIY projects I need to finish and then it should be complete. Still aiming for that goal of having it all done by her first birthday ;-)

6. I forgot how thirsty you are when breastfeeding. I drink SO much water during the day, and when I sit to nurse Annie I have to have water nearby. It's like she is sucking everything out of me (except for extra fat)

7. Some friends in Luke's hometown are throwing a baby shower for me this weekend. I'm excited to show off Annie! 

8. I'm typing this on my phone. Please excuse any and all mistakes. I've been doing most posts on my phone lately and I got back and find lots of mistakes. Cringe. 

9. When Eli was a newborn baby I never would have put generic diapers on his precious booty. Annie started wearing generic diapers at 2 weeks. I really do love the target up and up diapers. 

10. I am so excited about summer. We don't have any big plans or trips this summer but I love the more relaxed feeling, seeing family more, grilling outside with friends, 4th of July....I love it all! 

Happy weekend! 


Anniston is One Month

Anniston Grace is already a month old! And as expected I can't believe how fast time is going (somebody beat a dead horse over here)

This first month was a pretty easy month. I was so nervous about bringing a baby into our family and what new obstacles that would present - which it has created new obstacles, but I feel like as a family we've done a good job of adjusting to them all. Some of us better than others, not mentioning any names. (ahem Eli).

During Anniston's first month she has spent the majority of her time sleeping. I forget how much newborns sleep.

Some of Annie's one month "stats"

-She weighs 7 pounds and 5 ounces. She dropped 10 ounces from her birth weight so I had been stressed about getting her up to birth weight and past it. I was more than relieved when we found out she was past 7 pounds.

- She smiles at us sometimes and acts like she wants to "coo" back at us. She especially loves her daddy and always smiles big for him. (he's always the favorite)

- She is eating every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. Ocassionally she will go 5 hours at night but that is few and far between.

- She is hard to get back to sleep after she wakes up at night and is very alert.

- She seems to have some tummy/gas issues which is new to me because Eli never had any of that. I could eat pretty much anything and it didn't affect Eli at all, Annie seems to be more sensitive to what I'm eating. I have quit eating spicy foods after a VERY long night after a spicy dinner.

- Annie is good in the car. She screams when you first put her in her car seat but once we get moving she is ok.

- She loves being in the baby carrier (I currently use the k'tan) and will go to sleep almost immediately after I put her in there. I use it when we walk to the park, go to church, go shopping, and other places, it is so great!

-  Tummy time is not going so well around here, as in she HATES it. Which could be in part due to the toddler who is in her face everytime shes on the ground. We are working on that!

-Although she does love her brother and gives him big smiles

- Everywhere we go people comment on how tiny she is. She is an itty bitty thing.

- It's pretty unanimous that she looks like her daddy. Not just because she got his skin coloring (and crazy hair), they have a lot of the same facial features. I see it a lot in the eyes.

Happy One Month Annie!


A Mindset Change

Annie was born on a Tuesday and I came home that Thursday. Looking back I wish I would have stayed longer. Due to the nature of my emergency c-section my recovery was rough. It would have been wise of me to stay in the hospital as long as they would keep me but I was antsy to get home.

The first few days at home were rough in regards to my recovery but everything else was going well. My inlaws had stayed with Eli while we are in the hospital and my MIL cleaned our house and got Annie's room put together, it was such a relief. Then when we got home my mom stayed with us and helped SO much. I couldn't have done it without her. I had lots of friends visit those first few days and people dropping off meals. I was feeling great and didn't feel any symptoms of PPD that I dealt with after Eli was born. 

Then Tuesday came. One week after Annie was born I revived a call from the doctor who preformed my c-section. He asked how I was feeling and I thought it was super sweet that he was making a  call to check on me. 

After I told him I was doing ok he said "that is so good to hear, I'm calling you because I need to tell you something but I don't want to alarm you".

I don't know about you but if someone says "I don't want to alarm you" the first thing I do is BECOME ALARMED. 

The doctor then went on to explain that they had found a tumor on my colon during my c section and he had sent it off to be checked and while it was benign they needed me to meet with an oncologist to discuss it further.

Honestly, I don't remember him actually saying it was benign during that call, all I heard was the word tumor and I pretty much hit a wall after that.  Tumor and meet with an oncologist were all I heard and I was scared. 

I tried to relay the information to my mom and Luke but I couldn't remember everything the doctor had said. So we called him back and put him on speaker and he explained it all again, and this time we clearly heard the word "benign". But he also stressed that there were still some concerns and the oncologist would talk to me about it. 

My appointment with the oncologist was set for the next Tuesday, two weeks to the day of giving birth. 

The week that occurred between receiving that call and meeting with the oncologist was one of the strangest weeks of my life. I specifically knew that I had a tumor, it was removed and was benign, yet there was still some concern, however I had no idea what the concern was. So for a week I was full of questions. Questions and worry. 

I would go back and forth between feeling complete peace and then times of worried sick. What if something was wrong with me? And all the questions that followed after that. 

It seems almost a bit silly in retrospect, knowing now that I'm ok and not sick,
However for that week I saw life differently. 

Common everyday tasks of life now felt irreplaceable. I cherished every moment. Normally I rush through Eli's bedtime trying to get downstairs to crack open my can of coke and enjoy a show before bed. But for that week I took in every moment. Reading stories at bed, watching my husband play with our son,  Thankful for them, thankful that I was alive and able to experience times like that. Realizing how fleeting life really is.

Every moment felt like a gift rather than another check mark on the tasks of the day.

I was seeing life through different glasses. We aren't promised tomorrow, I know this but don't always live this.

Everyday annoyances didn't seem like a big deal anymore. My sudden onset of hair turning grey didn't seem like a big deal anymore. The daunting thought of trying to lose the baby weight didn't even matter, who cares if I have some extra weight? I'm alive and loving on my babies, that's all I care about. 

Two weeks after giving birth I found myself in another doctors office but this time it was an oncologist. She was very nice and asked me a lot of questions. She answered all my questions I had in the last week when she explained that they were concerned because the tumor had shown cancer "characteristics" so they had to be extra precautionary. Something I was thankful for. 

A week later I had a body scan which came back completely clear. Everything was ok. My life was back to normal. 

But that isn't the case for so many others and because of this situation I am more aware of how life changing one phone call can be. I have spent so many moments the past five weeks praying for people who were in this situation and didn't have such a positive outcome. 

Once we got my "all clear" I knew I probably wouldn't see life through my rose colored glasses anymore, but I told Luke I wanted to hold onto some of it. I don't want to go through life somber because life could end at any moment, but I do want to go through life appreciating everything, not worrying about so many things I can't control. 

In fact this whole situation reaffirms even more how in control God truly is. I was so bummed that I was going to have to have a c-section, however without my c-section the doctor never would have seen the tumor and removed it. Incredible. He is in every detail.

Prior to giving birth I was very adamant that I wouldn't be getting in any of Annie's newborn pictures. My hair was in desperate need of a cut and color, I felt like my grey hairs were out of control, plus I would be rocking that lovely new mom puffiness. There was no way I would let myself be photographed.

My opinion changed completely in the span of a week. Why did I find this earthy things so important? Who cares if my hair has split ends and grey hairs? It means I'm getting older and enjoying life. That extra body weight? It means I carried my baby in my body and was able to gain weight to support her life. 

I decided I wasn't going to let insignificant worries stop me anymore. And so I allowed myself to be photographed the week after I gave birth. It wasn't a big deal, I just simply decided I didn't want to be controlled by small worries of life. There are too many other important things going on. 

Obviously now I'm so thankful that I had a c-section, and also thankful for diligent doctors. It was a crazy time right after Annie was born, but I feel like I learned a lot during that time, and learned to truly appreciate this life.