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{Review} The Hair Bow Company

Since our discovery in my pregnancy at sixteen weeks that we are having a little girl I have not been too quiet about how I'm a little scared.

I have a boy, I now know what goes into raising a little boy, well at least until the age of three, so far I've got that mastered.

However the thought of a little girl scares me! All the outfits and tutus and BOWS!

But I have many friends who are set to help me out and for that I am thankful.

My friends at The Hair Bow Company recently sent me a box of goodies to help me transition into this world of bows and headbands. And oh my goodness did they send me goodies.

I was so excited to open the box when I received it and when I did it was like a box of bow heaven. After going through this box I am going to be a seasoned bow mom in no times.

Obviously I don't yet have a baby girl to put these adorable bows on yet, so the pictures aren't as cute as they would be if a baby girl was in them - so I will have to post pictures after she is born but I wanted to be sure and show them off now.

First off are all the different bows:


Oh my goodness, Anniston is going to have a bow to match every outfit. I am really loving this smaller sized bows for right when she is born, they look like the perfect size. 

I looked at The Hair Bow Company's website before I received my box of goodies and I was most excited about these lace headbands. I love the way lace headbands look on baby girls and I can't wait to try these on Anniston. 

And then how fun are these chevron headbands? I mean, SO FUN!

You should really check out The Hair Bow Company's site. Even if you don't have a little girl these would make perfect baby shower gifts. There are SO many options: Here are some various headbands and bows that I can't wait to use. Especially those Nylon Headbands (in the top right corner) They are so soft and stretchy and will be perfect on a little newborn baby head.

 Just go browse their website, they have so much to offer, even cute little crochet hats, which Eli wanted to show off. It was a little snug on his head so we took it off before he stretched it. 

And because they are so awesome The Hair Bow Company is offering a special for my readers:

Happy Shopping!


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