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The Countdown

Well I didn't mean to go so long without blogging but I guess it just happens.

And it seems to happen more and more around here.

The past two weeks have been busy, yet not busy - which doesn't make sense at all, but it seems to make sense in my mind.

We've had our normal weekly routine happening, Eli's school, bible study, church, doctor appointments, Scentsy meetings, etc. But we've also had a lot of down time, days of Eli and I just hanging out at home during the day, and nights of quiet dinners and family time before Eli goes to bed.

And lately I've been so thankful for the mundane, normal, routine days.

We are about a month away from meeting baby sister and I'm getting antsy. Antsy for so many reasons....

I'm so excited to see her face, and kiss her feet and just take in the new life that we are bringing into this world.

But I'm also nervous. Just the same nerves I've shared a long the way, and some of the same nerves I had before Eli was born.

It will be a great change, but with great change come adjustment, so I'm preparing myself for that adjustment period.

Everybody keeps asking if we are ready, and for awhile I was responding with "no". Because we don't have her room put together (not even close) we don't have a ton of "baby girl items" and I still need to locate all our big baby necessities from our move.

However, I've realized that we don't need all those things to be "ready". Yes she needs a room at some point, and it would be nice if she had a few clothes to wear, and for our sanity we will probably want a swing and cradle set up, but we ARE ready. We've been anticpating her arrival for a LONG time now and we are ready to meet her and hold her and bring her home. We are ready for our family to expand.

Here I am at 33 weeks, obviously not the best picture, but it gets the point across. I have gained the exact same amount of weight that I did with Eli, go figure.

These last few weeks are a funny thing. You want to stay pregnant because obviously the baby needs to grow and develop some more, but it's so close to the end you are just READY to meet the baby. So the countdown is on, grow baby grow, but we are ready to meet you!


  1. You look SO fantastic!! Grow baby girl grow!

  2. You look amazing! I love that outfit on you!

  3. Have you nade any small efforts to not gain as much this second time? Ive been promising to work out more the next time/eat less sugar/carbs/food lol but if ill still gain.the same I.won't even bother ha!!!

  4. You look awesome! And I must say, your hair LOVES you being pregnant. It's always beautiful but it really looks amazing!

  5. You look great! Can you tell me where those jeans are from?? I love them and I cannot seem to find maternity jeans I like anywhere!

  6. I love your shirt! where is it from? I'm having such a hard time finding cute maternity clothes.

  7. You look so great, Megan! I love that top!!

    Thinking of you these past couple of weeks!!

  8. So cute though! I've always thought prego bellies were adorabale:)


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