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Random of Sorts

Oh my goodness.

The snow. And the cold. I've had enough. I'm done with it.

My mom keeps reminding me that usually I love the cold weather. And yes, in the Fall I always proclaim my love of scarves, sweaters, cardigans and boots, oh the boots. I love wearing a good pair of boots.

However this year? I'm done. And I here by solemnly vow to not complain about the heat this summer. YOU HAVE MY WORD.

Because I haven't left the house all week I really don't have anything interesting to say. So let's go with a random list of sorts.....

1. After I wrote that I didn't have bows for Anniston I received several recommendations of stores to visit online to buy some bows. What in the crap have I gotten myself into? I received LOTS of bow places to visit and each store had at least 7 pages of bows. BOWS. How do I even pick? What colors do I need? What kind of headband should I get? Questions, questions questions.

Yes I'm making this more complicated then it needs to be. It's one of my spiritual gifts.

2. I had a couple of people ask me where I got my shirt that I was wearing in my last pregnancy post. I got it when I was pregnant with Eli so I'm sure it is long gone by now, but it is from Pea in the Pod's lounge section which I highly recommend. I have a couple of clothing pieces from that particular line and I love them all.

3. Polar Express is no longer on Netflix. I guess after a certain point they take off holiday movies. My poor two year old buddy is having a hard time understanding this. Luckily a friend gave us a copy of it which we leave in the car. Now we just listen to the Polar Express soundtrack non-stop.

4. My friend Sarah is a little talented (that's a joke she's extremely talented, like the kind that makes you question whether you should be friends with her because she just makes you look bad - but then you remember that you can use her talent to your advantage so you keep her around). Anyways she made this super cute Valentine's printable for your kiddo to use to take to his or her teachers. Color me impressed. If you've been looking for something go to her blog and download this printable!


5.  This past weekend I hung out with three of my oldest/closest friends. The kind of friends that you don't see for awhile and then when you do you pick right back up with all the same jokes and stories and all of that. The people that just get you. We had a great time hanging out together and eating at a restaurant with no kiddos to take care of.  It wasn't until the end of the night when I was getting in bed and everybody had left that I realized we didn't get one picture together. It's like I'm a failure to all bloggers and instagrammers everywhere.

6. While I was hanging with the girls Luke took Eli bowling. I had no idea they made such tiny bowling shoes but my buddy sure does look cute in them. He is still talking about his fun bowling night with dad. They had so much fun.

7. We are supposed to get more snow next week. I have no words.

8. I have a list of things I need to get done before giving birth. They include getting a pedicure, coloring my hair, getting my eyebrows waxed and painting my nails. These are probably all things I should do on a regular basis and probably things I shouldn't need to make a list for. I need to get better about girl things.

9. See why bow buying is a problem for me?

10. My favorite blogger Big Mama released her second book this week, The Antelope in the Living Room. Do yourself a favor and buy it. I had to quit reading last night because Luke was asleep next to me and I was laughing out loud so much I was afraid I was going to wake him up. I met her last year and I wish I would have asked her if she wanted to be my best friend. I think we could have been like peas and carrots.

And on that creepy note I'll end this post.

Happy weekend! 


  1. My 2 year old is obsessed with the Polar Express as well, however his current obsession is Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas....yeah, I'm sick of it. :)

    I have a friend like that's the best! We were in the nursery together as a church as babies, and she is definitely my friend I have had the longest. We can go months without seeing each other and it's like we just saw each other yesterday. I love it. :)


  2. I would suggest buying a few different color pink bows, light purple, white, ivory, and a couple other fun colors. Most girlies things have those colors in them, so you can mix and match. it's definitely easy to get overwhelmed with bows! When my little girl was a newborn, I used some small bows I found on an end cap at Target. Good luck! She'll be precious in whatever you get her!

  3. Eli in his bowling shoes absolutely kills me. And thanks for sharing my little are so funny!! You know enough about me to know I'm not talented in everything, so hopefully you can still like me. ;)

  4. We watched Polar Express today...Sydney demanded it.

    As for bows, I was a bad Mom and never put bows on my girls until they had lots of hair. But now we have just about every color in the rainbow. Bows are expensive! That's one thing I've learned. But I'm too lazy to teach myself to make them x2.

    I'm ready for spring.


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