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Baby #2 Needs and Wants

Being pregnant with my second baby I feel like we already have all the baby gear necessities. We have a high chair and baby swing and monitor and stroller. And of course a crib and furniture and all that good stuff.

However, being that this IS the second baby I feel like I learned some things along the way. Baby gear that I thought I NEEDED with Eli I never touched, and other things I thought seemed silly I ended up loving. Go figure.

So now as we prepare for Anniston's arrival I've started a list of baby items that I don't maybe necessarily need but would help me tremendously as I venture into the world of two kiddos.

1. Double Bob
Ok this one is a long shot. A LONG SHOT. It took me almost two years of Eli's life to convince Luke to spend the money on the regular Bob. I still think it's one of the best investments ever and really think I will NEED a double bob. Eli and I still take walks daily (when its warm) and I love to go jogging in the afternoons. Plus Eli loves the stroller and doesn't try and crawl it. It's a need.

2. Aden + Anais
I fell in love with the Aden + Anais products when Eli was a baby. I had what seemed like a billion receiving blankets and bibs and I found myself only using the same couple of Aden + Anais products. They are SO soft, and breathable and just awesome products. They wash well and hold their quality. I only have a couple of these from when Eli was a baby so I want to get plenty more of the blankets and bibs.

3. Puj Tub
OK this thing is amazing. Luke's cousin let me borrow this from her when Eli was a baby and I LOVED it. It makes bath time SO easy and the baby actually looks comfortable while in it. I used it till Eli was like 6 or 7 months old.  I gave it back to her so I'm wanting to get one of my own. It was one of my most favorite products from Eli's first year.

4. Rock n Play Sleeper
I took a meal to a friend who recently had a baby and saw this amazing contraption for the first time. I had never seen anything like it (and I like JUST had a baby).  It sort of reminds me of a bouncer on the floor except it doesn't bounce and it's not on the floor. I think it would be perfect to keep by the bed for the baby to sleep in.

5. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter
Well this product definitely wins for longest, kinda weird name ever, but I've heard it is AMAZING. And believe me, after the hell I went through with breastfeeding last time I need some ANGEL BABY WHATEVER IT IS stuff.I 've heard its a miracle worker when you are so sore that you want to scream when breast feeding.

6. Nosefrida
 I can't believe I even have this on my wants/needs list. But I've been told I need it. The thought repulses me and I think I will be a little scared to use it. However I know how tricky those baby noses can be so if this helps then so be it.

7. Solly Baby Wrap
When Eli was a baby I went on the search for the perfect baby wrap. I even wrote a post about it here. I fell in love with the K'tan and do plan to use it again, but I also wanted to search out other wraps, because maybe there is something better out there? I recently came across the Solly Baby Wrap and it like it's what I've been looking for. They have a new line of colors coming out March 1st so I'm waiting till then to purchase mine. I can't wait to see their new colors and try it!

So there are some needs and wants. Not sure which is a need and which is a want. And I've already thought of about 10 more things I need since making that awesome collage above. Any other products I left off that you feel are worth investing in? Or notes to share about the above products?

Lets talk baby gear!


  1. My second baby is 4 months old and has reflux and the Rock and Play was a lifesaver for a few months. Get one!!! She slept all night long in that thing!!

  2. Rock and play is a must have. I used it with my first (almost 2) and plan on using it again (due in 4 weeks.) I also got a double bob. I think it's worth it! Thanks for putting a wrap on there. I thought I would use a Moby, but it's a lot of fabric and I am not a very big person. I need to do more research. I just felt like I couldn't get it right enough.

    1. Tight enough...and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! You look great.

  3. Definitely get the nosefrida! And, I'd recommend an Ergo carrier over a wrap. We have absolutely loved ours and still use them and the girls are 15 months old. Well worth it!

  4. I was terrified of the nosefrida too, but I swear it's a miracle worker! And I promise you, you will not get snot in your mouth!

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  6. I have an 8 week old who sleeps all night in her Rock n is an amazing must have!! When we were registering, some random woman came up and begged me to register for one. I didn't know what it was but am so thankful she did! It's very lightweight and folds up easily. Love it!

  7. I just visited my friend's new baby who has the rock and play and that thing is LEGIT! Get it!!

  8. Rock and play sleeper is a must!

  9. The nosefrieda seriously weirds me out...but it must work or so many moms wouldn't recommend it!

  10. The Rock N' Play is a must have! My 2 week old sleeps great in it and my last baby did too.

    You might look on Craigslist for a double Bob. I found mine there for less than $200 in great condition.

  11. Yes one million times to the nosefrida! That thing is GOLD in our house. I've even ordered backups for my house as well as my moms house for when we visit, because I never ever want to face a cold without it!

    I'm so on the fence about the RnP! I've heard SUCH amazing things about it and moms really do swear by it! But... I mean... I did manage okay without one for the first two.. but.. Maclane is still sleeping in our bed half the night at 19 months so then that makes me think that maybe we need one.. and they're just so damn portable and convenient!

    Have you also looked into the Bjorn Bouncer seat? It's a little pricey but Amazon actually has one on sale now for about $40 less than usual! I'm thinking this might replace our Sunggabunny seat that Maclane didn't really love...

    So funny.. I totally have a puj tub on my amazon wishlist for number 3 as well as some new a+a gear and the mamaROO! I'm so excited to kick our old swing to the curb and I'm hoping with every fiber of my being that #3 loves the mamaROO as much as I want him to!

    It's so funny the things we learn after each baby, isn't it? And i love my double BOB so, so much. We did end up with a BabyTrend sit and stand which has also served us really well for trips to the mall and things! Although when we first got it, Carter was 2yo and refused to ride standing- I was more than okay with that because it was much safer that he ride- but now at 3.5, he totally tools around standing on the back of that thing!

    So excited for your, mama! It won't be long now!!!

  12. The Rock & Play is at the top of my list, too! I've even recommended it to more than one friend, though I don't have one. :) Yet!!

    Ok, so did you like th K'Tan? I've always planned to get one for #2, but have also heard they don't offer the most back support.. Any thoughts? I don't plan to baby wear all day long, but the money really does have so much fabric, it would be nice to not deal with it.

  13. Thanks so much for including us on the list! Please email me with any questions and I'd love to send you a little discount code for the mention. xx

  14. Double Bob is a must. We use ours religiously. We also kept our single because if we go out with one kid, its nice to throw them in one and go. I have heard the Sakura Bloom slings are incredible??

  15. Noise Frieda is amazing. Seriously. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

    The nipple butter is great too. I went through hell as well BFing my girl...finally after 4-5 months I started putting that stuff on literally every hour. It worked miracles. I don't know why I waited so long to try it. The key is putting it on OFTEN, not just once or twice a day like I was doing at first. Put it on every hour!


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