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Starting 2014

Brrr! Is there a place in the United States that isn't freezing right now?? From what I've seen on social media (which obviously knows ALL) people everywhere are experiencing below freezing temps.

It is currently 8 degrees here, and I took care of everything this weekend (grocery shopping, errands) to make sure I wouldn't have to leave the house in the cold. But then when I woke this morning up I had such a hankering for a chocolate donut I had to satisfy it. So I warmed up my car and Eli and I ventured out for a sweet breakfast (and a coffee for me). I never had to leave my car (drive through) so it was well worth it.

Lately I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to approach the ole blog in 2014. Last year (2013) I blogged less than I have since I started this whole thing. I just started having a lot of conflicting thoughts about why I do this, what I should share, etc etc. I still don't have the answers and still not sure what this will look like this year, but I do know I enjoy blogging and sharing so we will see....

Anyways, while thinking about everything I want to blog about right now (recap of 2013, new years plans, getting ready for baby Annie) I realized that we are already six days into the month I still haven't shared the specials of the month for Scentsy. So I'll do that now, and hopefully it will get my blog writing fingers going for the other posts.

1. January is Bring Back my Bar Month which means the following scents that are discontinued have been brought back for this month only. There are definitely some big favorites in here so check it out and see if one of yours is in there!

2. The January scent and the warmer of the month are Valentine's Day inspired.

3. Lastly, Scentsy is offering the best join special I've ever seen. If you've ever thought about doing direct sales of any kind I would love to talk to you about my experience with Scentsy and how much I enjoy my team.

You can visit my website HERE to see the rest of the warmers and scents!

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