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Maternity Clothes for Me

When I got pregnant this second time around I made a bold proclamation that I was going to get all new maternity clothes.

I was a working mom the first time around in this pregnancy thing, so a lot of my clothes are geared more towards an everyday business lifestyle. Something that I’m so far removed from I don’t even really remember it.

I get excited about doctor appointments because it means I have a reason to put on makeup. Business clothes are not required here.

Well when I made this proclamation I think I forgot about the ‘b’ word; budget.

Getting an entire new wardrobe of clothes just wasn’t in the ole budget, nor did it make sense to get a ton of new clothes for a limited amount of time. I would like to say I only wear them for nine months, but last pregnancy my maternity clothes became post-delivery clothes for far too long.

So I decided to share what has worked for me this pregnancy. I do not think I am a fashionista – nor do I want to be, but I always like to hear from other women about what works for them and what doesn’t so I thought I would share my likes here.

Oh jeans. I’m so picky about jeans, I only like Skinny jeans and I don't like them to "bunch" especially when I wear boots. I really should get my jeans altered so they are the perfect length, but I just never get around to doing that. This time around I have really preferred the under the belly fit of jeans. As seen below from Old Navy's website:

Gap and Old Navy have been my go-to place for all my jeans. I got a pair of good skinny black pants from Motherhood Maternity....not the best pic of them but the best I have:

I still don't feel like I have found that "perfect" pair of jeans. It's funny because when I was pregnant with Eli I only wanted jeans that had that big fabric that went all the way over my belly - but sometimes that big fabric doesn't go all the way over my entire (large) belly so it created this little lump of skin that wasn't flattering. Under the belly has worked better for me.


One thing I love to do while I'm pregnant is layer. I would say this is because layers make a cute outfit, but it's really because I'm the sort of girl that gains weight everywhere not just my belly and I need something to cover up my backside.  Very rarely do I wear a shirt without a jacket or cardigan or one of those puffy vests over my shirt. It's just my comfort zone.

 (the shirt in this pic is from Target but I can't find it on the website)

I clearly also like a good scarf. 

I primarily wear only maternity clothes with the exception of cardigans and jackets. I just don't see the point in being uncomfortable just to squeeze myself into some of my old clothes.

Like I said I pretty much only shop at Target, Gap and Old Navy for maternity clothes. However this time around I discovered Pink Blush. I found them on Instagram and was a little skeptical because they have such great prices but went ahead and took a chance. I ordered three shirts and love them all.

I wore this one to Luke's work party but still haven't worn the other two. I will soon though. 

So basically that's my two cents on maternity clothes. I think you should wear what you are comfortable in. I have some friends who try and stick to their regular clothes the whole pregnancy and that works for them, not me! I also still have around 10 weeks left so my preferences could change, but I can guarantee I will always love a good cardigan with an outfit!

I am determined to get some cute nursing clothes this go-round. I never felt comfortable nursing and maybe if I looked cute it would help? Probably not but a girl can try.

Any other stores you like to shop at for maternity clothes? And has anybody found that perfect pair of maternity jeans?


  1. I agree about layering, I just feel so much better if I have a jacket or cardigan on and lately scarves for me too. Not sure how I'm going to swing that when it gets hot, but for now it works. I didn't find a pair of jeans that worked for me last time so I'm not holding my breath this time either. I have a couple from gap/old navy that I can wear but I really don't love them. Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say. I'm off to check out Pink Blush now, thanks!

  2. Great choices! I shopped at those exact places when I was pregnant as well, Gap maternity shirts were my favorite! One suggestion for nursing wear- I love layering as well, and LOVED Undercover Mama nursing tanks. I could wear them with my normal clothes and nurse whenever I wanted without feeling exposed. I highly recommend them!!

  3. I just recently discovered H&M maternity clothes and LOVE their jeans!!!!! They are my favorite and very reasonably prices.

  4. I discovered the Bravado nursing tank and it changed my life. It is such a comfortable nursing bra and makes every shirt nursing appropriate because it is a TANK! I have it in a bajillion colors and it's what I wear 95% of the time. I work outside the home and my sister is a SAHM and it's been our favorite nursing bra. Hope that helps you feel more comfortable!

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  6. One of my tips is that you know your body better than anyone else… but that also means you need to listen to your body and know when to take it easy! My other advice? Fresh air can really help with nasty morning sickness, so get outside and do something you love.
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  7. One of my tips is that you know your body better than anyone else… but that also means you need to listen to your body and know when to take it easy! My other advice? Fresh air can really help with nasty morning sickness, so get outside and do something you love.
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