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Christmas 2013

It's always funny to me how once Christmas is over, it feels like a distant memory. We spend so much time anticipating it and then before we know it Christmas is here and then before we even blink it's gone in a flash.

And we are left with memories of yet another Christmas come and gone. In the past I would get sad at this point, perhaps it was a Christmas hangover? However as the years have gone on I've realized to enjoy every season completely. Christmas was wonderful and now I'm looking forward to enjoying winter, enjoy all the activities that January and February hold and continue to prepare for baby Annie who is on her way.

Christmas is always a whirlwind for us.....we do not live in the same town as any family so it makes for some magical juggling to get all schedules together to where we see everybody and not feel worn out. This year we did a lot of running around but thankfully we do not feel worn out or run down. Instead we feel thankful to have so many people to spend our lives with.

We spent Christmas eve day until Christmas night with my family. We hosted Christmas in our house for the first time and it was so much fun. I made chili and several dips and my mom brought desserts and lots of finger foods and we spent all day eating, watching the little boys play, playing games and just enjoying our time together. I love that we are able to host people in our home.

Santa came on Christmas morning and Eli got a train table. Santa had a hard time trying to decide what to get Eli but eventually decided on the train table and it was a hit. As soon as Eli saw it he said "oh mom you got my train table!". Verdict is still out on how long the Santa thing lasts over here.

We then spend the next few days with Luke's family. We always have such a good time at their house, and Eli loves it because he is able to spend almost all his time outside running around on all their land.

This year we spent some time trying to give medicine to a cow which is pretty much equivalent to a trip to Disney World in my two year old's mind. He was in cow heaven.



We then had our annual college friends get together which is always so much fun. It's crazy how you can go a year without getting together with people and then when you see each other it's like no time has passed.

The get together was the last big "hurrah' of the season so the next day we loaded up and headed back home. I had arranged for a cleaner to come to our house so when I came home it would be nice and cleaned. This was probably the best decision I've ever made.  And probably needs to become a tradition.

 It was a wonderful Christmas.

But now I'm home all Christmas has been put up and stored away for next year and now I'm ready to begin the year!



  1. What a lovely season Christmas is!

  2. So much fun!! And oh little Annie! Can't wait to meet her!!

  3. I can't believe I don't know more about your new house! It looks so warm and cozy! You are looking great, Momma, and I'm loving the nickname Annie!


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