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Silver Frost

I had a holiday event tonight. I love going to shows where various vendors are setup with all their goodies just waiting for me to buy. But it's a problem when I work one, because I end up spending a lot of money, and making deals with the other vendors...."I'll trade you a warmer and bar for that scarf and fudge".

It can be a problem. Especially when I should be making money, not just spending it.

So I was busy with that most of the day, and then I came home and snacked on the homemade salsa and fudge I picked up there. Delicious.

Which left me little to talk about tonight and then I remembered I never showed this month's Warmer of the Month and it's gorgeous so that's what I'm going to do now:

This warmer is called Silver Frost and is 10% off all months and is so pretty!

This is a picture a fellow consultant posted, I love seeing the warmers in their "element" and this picture does a good job of showing how pretty it is: 

And I love that it can be used all winter long - not just at Christmas!

The scent of the month is Spiced Berries:

Honestly...I've never smelled this scent so I can't give a review of it. But if you happen to buy it let me know if you like it! :-)

As always you can visit my Scentsy website HERE and check out all the other warmers and scents!


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