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Jingle Bells and a banquet


The other day I mentioned that Eli sings Jingle Bells about 400 times a day. I wasn't joking. Here was his first 100 performances this morning. He added the train whistle which adds a bit of flare to the song.

And this is the top of the toy box, he hops up there and just sings his little heart out. Motherhood is a funny thing, because sometimes, when we are singing Jingle Bells for ten straight minutes I will think to myself of all the "things" I need to be doing or cleaning or figuring out.

But then later in the day, perhaps after he has gone to bed I will find myself watching the videos of him singing, just to hear his sweet voice. There are times when the moments seem long and redundant but oh how I never want to take any of those moments for-granted.

Eli and I spent the day inside. I cleaned and he played and sang and played. The streets aren't icy anymore, we could have left, but today seemed like a good day to just hang at home.

My sister came over to our house around 4:00 while I got ready to leave. We had our annual church banquet tonight and I was so excited about it.

It's a little funny that I was so excited about it - don't get me wrong it's a fun event, but I was just excited to get dressed and hang out with my husband and eat a free meal with friends.

As expected it was a great night and lots of fun. It was nice to be with a large group of people from our church away from the church setting and just eat and goof off together. We had a photo booth at the event which always provides endless silly entertainment.


There has been an outbreak of pregnant ladies at our church. There are so many of us who are pregnant and almost all of us are having girls. I can't wait till we have all our babies together and get a pic of them all lined up.

Luke and I didn't want to pass up a chance to take a picture with this Santa and elf to show Eli. Not sure why? Just seemed like a good idea in the moment.

I love all the holiday events this time of the year! 


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