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Behind at Christmas

I am struggling this December.

I feel like in past years I have done a really good job of being intentional with our December. I usually get my Christmas cards out early, I have our calendar for the month set and make sure to not let it get overloaded.

Most years I have all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving and all Christmas decorations up for us to enjoy before we even take our first bite of turkey.

This year however, I'm struggling. Big time.

The night of Thanksgiving I sat at the kitchen table at my in-laws house and just looked at my December calendar. I don't know how it happened, or why I let it happen this year but our December was (and still is) packed with "things" to do.

I never want December to become something that is so rushed and stressed that I don't get to enjoy it but I feel like maybe I've let that happen this year.

I just sent out Christmas cards today, I haven't even started Christmas shopping and I let a couple of events fall through the cracks that I love doing every year.

More than anything I'm just upset with myself for letting a season pass by and not truly enjoying all of it. I could blame it on the fact that we just moved and blah blah but really I should have been more intentional about this season.

This past Sunday we had our Christmas program at church. It was Eli's first year to be able to stand on stage and sing. He only sang one song and it was "happy birthday" to Jesus but he rocked it like any Jingle Bell singing two year old would.

I had the privilege of being the virgin Mary in the play, some might call it a privilege, others might say I'm married to the music pastor and am asked a week before the event if I could be Mary. My acting skills required sitting in a rocking chair and staring at a baby doll. I also rocked my performance.

I wasn't able to get a pic of Eli on stage because I was standing back about to make my debut as Mary but I took this picture before the service. The kids were dressed 

He got a little stage fright prior to his performance but then did well once he got up there.

Just about a week till Christmas and I'm going to do my best to not get stressed about how behind I am and just truly enjoy it. And I should probably start shopping for gifts at some point.


  1. I got so much flack this year for not "respecting the bird" at Thanksgiving and looking forward to Christmas stuff.... but now that it's the 17th, DUDE, I didn't have enough time to enjoy it all. And so next year, I'm giving the bird to anyone who says I'm disrespecting the bird!

  2. This season has just disappeared and I'm not sure where. My calendar is the opposite simply because I never got around to putting dates on it and so we have missed a few things...oops!
    Shopping is usually done and wrapped by now. I just started Saturday and I'm feeling really stressed right now. I have to work through Christmas Eve and not real sure what all will get done. Especially since my birthday is Saturday and I have requested that we spend the day at home in our PJs, order pizza, make cookies and watch Christmas movies. In all the rush this year, I'm just craving quality time with my little family. Hopefully Saturday will straighten my mood out and I'll get everything done in the home stretch.

  3. I was just thinking about this the other day. I feel like I miss the enjoyment of Christmas during the actual season because it is so busy between work and the season in general. It actually made me think that we need to start thinking about what we want Christmas to be like when we have kids. Mostly because I want to enjoy it and not be so overwhelmed with doing it all and then not really enjoying it. I guess I want a simple Christmas, but that also means enjoying this special time of year.

  4. I am with you as I think most people are this year! I think it has to do with Thanksgiving being so late this year. I will NOT be in this shape next year!!!

    Eli is adorable as always!! :)

  5. I feel the same way, and the crazy thing is this is my first year only working part time. Yet I can't seem to get it together. Oh well . . . maybe next year.

  6. I feel the same way. Darn late Thanksgiving.

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