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Becoming a Mom of Two

A few weeks ago I got an email from the website asking me if I would be interested in writing a guest post for their Word of Mom section on their website.

I was honored that they would even stumble upon my blog, let alone ask me if I would share my words.

One thing I've always tried to do with pregnancy and motherhood, and well pretty much life in general is be an open book. I love to share my life with others and writing has given me an avenue to do that. Sharing the good and bad, and lessons I've learned and ways I've grown. All the while learning from others and hoping maybe I'm helping others with what I've learned.

I was asked to write about my thoughts of becoming a mom of two. Which honestly makes me NERVOUS. I think that's normal. With any change there are feelings of excitement yet anxiousness. Feelings of joy but also apprehension. I've been told it's all normal. At least I know it's my normal.

So head on over to What to Expect and read all my emotions spilled out on a page on the Internet. You can read the post HERE.


  1. great post! you guys have some pretty exciting stuff coming your way! i'm sure you will find your balance as a mom of two! and i have to agree about TV! aiden and i would go stir-crazy if we only watched one-hour of TV!! and i'll have to say the same about video games too (ipad, wii u, etc.). but even with all that plugging in to technology, he's actually pretty good about not using too much of it so that's good!


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