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Christmas Card 2013

 (linking up on Faith's blog today)

I have already talked about how far behind I am this Christmas season. And I think we can all agree that it's not my fault but the fact that Thanksgiving was a whole week later than  usual.

I mean, whose terrible idea was that?

I'm not alone in the fact that I'm behind and that makes me happy. Yes I'm taking satisfaction in the fact that other people are struggling to keep up this holiday season.

Anyways, the other night I sat down to address all my Christmas cards and realized I was missing an entire stack of envelopes.

I thought at first that the printing company jipped me and didn't send me all the envelopes and then the more I thought about it I remembered taking them with me somewhere to address.

But I didn't know where I took them or what happened to them after that point.

Pregnancy brain is real and alive.

So now I have a huge stack of cards with no envelopes. And yes I could go buy more 5x7 envelopes but let's be honest, the chances of me doing that before Christmas are slim to none.

I've resorted to more economical means and have started handing out Christmas cards left and right. Chances are if you make contact with me in the next 24 hours I will just hand you a card. Acquaintance or not.

I was able to get some cards out before I lost the envelopes but a lot of people I sent cards to last year won't get one this year and for that apologize. I hope you can carry on with your year.

Now, after the longest intro into a Christmas Card is our 2013 Christmas card:



I love it SO much! It is probably my most favorite card ever, although I'm sure I say that every single year.

I knew I wasnted something with gold in it, and a bit of sparkly stuff is always fun. Sarah designed them for me and I know she says she isn't a mind reader but I'm pretty sure she is because she always captures exactly what I have in mind.

On a whim I decided to share baby girl's name on the card, and it wasn't until I had already ordered them that I really took a second to think about it and realized that putting it on the Chrsitmas card meant it was pretty much SET IN STONE (slightly joking there). So basically I knocked out two bird's with one stone. Naming my child and ordering Christmas cards. Priorities.

So there is our 2013 card in all it's glory. And if I see you in Target I will hand you a card. Merry Christmas!


Behind at Christmas

I am struggling this December.

I feel like in past years I have done a really good job of being intentional with our December. I usually get my Christmas cards out early, I have our calendar for the month set and make sure to not let it get overloaded.

Most years I have all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving and all Christmas decorations up for us to enjoy before we even take our first bite of turkey.

This year however, I'm struggling. Big time.

The night of Thanksgiving I sat at the kitchen table at my in-laws house and just looked at my December calendar. I don't know how it happened, or why I let it happen this year but our December was (and still is) packed with "things" to do.

I never want December to become something that is so rushed and stressed that I don't get to enjoy it but I feel like maybe I've let that happen this year.

I just sent out Christmas cards today, I haven't even started Christmas shopping and I let a couple of events fall through the cracks that I love doing every year.

More than anything I'm just upset with myself for letting a season pass by and not truly enjoying all of it. I could blame it on the fact that we just moved and blah blah but really I should have been more intentional about this season.

This past Sunday we had our Christmas program at church. It was Eli's first year to be able to stand on stage and sing. He only sang one song and it was "happy birthday" to Jesus but he rocked it like any Jingle Bell singing two year old would.

I had the privilege of being the virgin Mary in the play, some might call it a privilege, others might say I'm married to the music pastor and am asked a week before the event if I could be Mary. My acting skills required sitting in a rocking chair and staring at a baby doll. I also rocked my performance.

I wasn't able to get a pic of Eli on stage because I was standing back about to make my debut as Mary but I took this picture before the service. The kids were dressed 

He got a little stage fright prior to his performance but then did well once he got up there.

Just about a week till Christmas and I'm going to do my best to not get stressed about how behind I am and just truly enjoy it. And I should probably start shopping for gifts at some point.


Jingle Bells and a banquet


The other day I mentioned that Eli sings Jingle Bells about 400 times a day. I wasn't joking. Here was his first 100 performances this morning. He added the train whistle which adds a bit of flare to the song.

And this is the top of the toy box, he hops up there and just sings his little heart out. Motherhood is a funny thing, because sometimes, when we are singing Jingle Bells for ten straight minutes I will think to myself of all the "things" I need to be doing or cleaning or figuring out.

But then later in the day, perhaps after he has gone to bed I will find myself watching the videos of him singing, just to hear his sweet voice. There are times when the moments seem long and redundant but oh how I never want to take any of those moments for-granted.

Eli and I spent the day inside. I cleaned and he played and sang and played. The streets aren't icy anymore, we could have left, but today seemed like a good day to just hang at home.

My sister came over to our house around 4:00 while I got ready to leave. We had our annual church banquet tonight and I was so excited about it.

It's a little funny that I was so excited about it - don't get me wrong it's a fun event, but I was just excited to get dressed and hang out with my husband and eat a free meal with friends.

As expected it was a great night and lots of fun. It was nice to be with a large group of people from our church away from the church setting and just eat and goof off together. We had a photo booth at the event which always provides endless silly entertainment.


There has been an outbreak of pregnant ladies at our church. There are so many of us who are pregnant and almost all of us are having girls. I can't wait till we have all our babies together and get a pic of them all lined up.

Luke and I didn't want to pass up a chance to take a picture with this Santa and elf to show Eli. Not sure why? Just seemed like a good idea in the moment.

I love all the holiday events this time of the year! 


Silver Frost

I had a holiday event tonight. I love going to shows where various vendors are setup with all their goodies just waiting for me to buy. But it's a problem when I work one, because I end up spending a lot of money, and making deals with the other vendors...."I'll trade you a warmer and bar for that scarf and fudge".

It can be a problem. Especially when I should be making money, not just spending it.

So I was busy with that most of the day, and then I came home and snacked on the homemade salsa and fudge I picked up there. Delicious.

Which left me little to talk about tonight and then I remembered I never showed this month's Warmer of the Month and it's gorgeous so that's what I'm going to do now:

This warmer is called Silver Frost and is 10% off all months and is so pretty!

This is a picture a fellow consultant posted, I love seeing the warmers in their "element" and this picture does a good job of showing how pretty it is: 

And I love that it can be used all winter long - not just at Christmas!

The scent of the month is Spiced Berries:

Honestly...I've never smelled this scent so I can't give a review of it. But if you happen to buy it let me know if you like it! :-)

As always you can visit my Scentsy website HERE and check out all the other warmers and scents!


Visiting Santa

When I was working Monday was not my most favorite day. Now that I'm staying at home with Eli Monday has become a day I look forward to.

I wouldn't go as far to say that it's my favorite day of the week, but I enjoy our Mondays. It's a good day to get ready for the week, get the house cleaned up from the weekend and prepared for the week.

Today was no exception, Eli and I spent the morning in our PJ's while he played and entertained me with singing Jingle Bells approximately 500 times. It's such a sweet sound, and I try not to get annoyed with the 400th round of it and remember that one day I will wish for that sweet voice to sing to me, which makes me sound like a crazy mom. What's new?

I got Eli down for an early nap because later in the day we were going to the university where I worked (and graduated from) so Eli could join a group of other kids to film a scene for a holiday video.

As any mom of a toddler boy might understand I was a tad nervous about Eli's video debut. Sitting still for 2 seconds isn't exactly a common thing for him, and his "scene" called for him to sit on the floor and listen to a book - which I'm sure he does at school, but as we all know everything changes once mama is around.

However I am proud to say he did well for the most part. It helped that there were older kids there for him to watch, and that there was a reward of a cookie at the end of good behavior. There was only one incident of him rolling around on the floor while all the other kids sat cross cross applesauce like perfect little children.

Eli looked so cute for his onscreen debut. When I put him in this button up shirt he said "oh my shirt looks like dad's shirt, I look so awesome". Clearly Luke wears a lot of button up shirts.

After dinner, because Eli and I were already dressed for the day I decided to take advantage of no PJ's and head to the mall to visit Santa. Plus after waiting in line over an hour last year Luke and I vowed to go during the week to avoid the Santa crazies.

We wanted to move quick because we didn't want to be gone all night and wanted to get home in time for a decent bed time, so we loaded up in Luke's truck and headed towards the mall.

Luke dropped me and Eli off at the door, because if I have to walk very far in anything less than 50 degrees I get grumpy. I got Eli out of his car seat and went in the mall to wait on Luke. This was when I realized that Eli was wearing one shoe. Not two. ONE.

This was just another reminder that motherhood is a humbling experience. How did I forget to make sure my child had on TWO SHOES? Seems like a pretty simple task.

Luke got in the mall and we both laughed a lot at the fact that our child had on one shoe. Then we went and bought the first pair of shoes I found in his size.

THEN we headed to see Santa. I had told Eli earlier that we were going to see Santa and he said "nooooo I don't like that guy" so I was a tad nervous about how he might react when he saw the bearded fellow, but as soon as he saw him sitting there in his NON SANTA COSTUME his face lit up.

By the way, the whole non-santa costume thing is a whole other post which I'm sure I've blogged at some point, but I love this Santa so I stay loyal despite the fact that he's rockin a "workshop outfit" is that even a real thing?

I'm proud to say we waited in line about 5 minutes which was just enough time and much better than last year. And then we got a perfect picture, it was great!

 Visiting Santa is one of those Christmas traditions I look forward to every year. I have Eli's past Santa pics framed, it's so fun (and tear inducing) to watch him grow on Santa's lap through the years.


Snow and Earthquakes

We've been snowed in most of the weekend and it has been wonderful.

I'm one of those weird people that doesn't really get cabin fever. Life is so busy most of the time it's nice to have a few unexpected days of just nothing but spending time with your family, watching cheesy Christmas movies and eating too much food.

Our area wasn't hit as bad as other areas were (from what I've seen Dallas and parts of Arkansas are pretty bad) but it was enough to keep us off the roads. And schools are still canceled tomorrow.

We got out a few times in Luke's truck that is 4-wheel drive and that was nice, but it was also FREEZING outside. It hasn't gotten above 32 degrees in several days....we aren't used to that around here!

I've been using the days inside to get tasks marked off of my "to do" list. I'm still working on getting this house put together.....just don't look in our garage. I can't even think of how long it will take to get that place cleaned out. I think our boxes are multiplying the longer they sit out there. At this point I'm about to just take it all to the dump, if we haven't needed it yet we probably don't need it at all, right?

Anyways, back to the snow, Eli kept asking and asking to go out and play in the snow on Friday and due to the fact that Luke had to work on Friday there was only one lone person to take the boy out in the FREEZING SNOW.

And that would be me.

I bundled Eli up in about 18 layers of clothes and got him ready to go outside when I realized we had no kid gloves for him. In fact I couldn't find any of our gloves they were all packed up somewhere in the garage. I hated to take him outside without any gloves but at this point he was so excited about going I knew we just needed to get out there. Plus I figured without gloves he wouldn't last long.

Which was the case. We were out there for about five minutes before Eli said "I don't like the snow" to which I said "AMEN" and then we headed back inside

And that's our playing in the snow story.

Along with snow and ice we've had our fair share of earthquakes. We've been feeling small earthquakes for several weeks now, but this weekend we had two pretty big ones (the biggest was 4.5). They don't last very long but they are sure scary when they are happening!

Eli is usually asleep when they happen (for some reason they happen at night) but he was awake for these two and felt them just like we did. So now he is very interested in earthquakes and spent a good portion of our Saturday night "looking for earthquakes".  I'm really hoping we have felt the biggest quake that we are going to feel.

So that is how we spent our weekend. Hanging out inside, trying to stay warm, enjoying our time together!


Becoming a Mom of Two

A few weeks ago I got an email from the website asking me if I would be interested in writing a guest post for their Word of Mom section on their website.

I was honored that they would even stumble upon my blog, let alone ask me if I would share my words.

One thing I've always tried to do with pregnancy and motherhood, and well pretty much life in general is be an open book. I love to share my life with others and writing has given me an avenue to do that. Sharing the good and bad, and lessons I've learned and ways I've grown. All the while learning from others and hoping maybe I'm helping others with what I've learned.

I was asked to write about my thoughts of becoming a mom of two. Which honestly makes me NERVOUS. I think that's normal. With any change there are feelings of excitement yet anxiousness. Feelings of joy but also apprehension. I've been told it's all normal. At least I know it's my normal.

So head on over to What to Expect and read all my emotions spilled out on a page on the Internet. You can read the post HERE.