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Random Thoughts

I haven't done a random post in awhile, and beacause I've only blogged ONCE during the month of November I figured a random post is the best way to sum up some of my thoughts.

1. Pregnancy with baby girl Tree is going well. I thought I was doing all good and not gaining as much weight as I did with Eli and yesterday at the doctor's office I found out I have gained the same amount of weight that I did last time so far. It seems my body has a set weight and just goes with it. Well ok then.

2. I have a partial placenta previa (basically means I have a low placenta) so I've been up on several restrictions, no jogging, heavy lifting, moving objects, etc. While it's been a little frustrating at times (especially while moving and trying to get a house put together) I understand the restrictions are for both my and baby girl Tree's protection so I am following the rules.

3. It is 29 degrees here today. I hope I don't have to leave the house, or get dressed. I already have stuff to make chicken enchiladas for dinner. I'm excited about a day in with no plans!

4. We are getting new furniture today, I am SO excited! I have wanted new furniture for awhile, but as life happens money goes elsewhere and we weren't able to get furniture. Well the time has finally come when we were able to make the purchase. I originally started out wanted fabric furniture but eventually decided that leather is probably the best choice for our family with small children.

5. I am so excited about Thanksgiving next week!

6. This is the first time in several years that I don't have my Christmas stuff up yet. I usually like to get it up the week before Thanksgiving so that after Turkey Day all our stuff is up and we can fully enjoy it. Well having my restrictions has put a slow -down to that, I can't lift the tree to put it up and Luke and I just haven't had time to work on it together. Thankfully Luke's mom is going to come one day and help me get it all up. Yay!

7. Scentsy is having some awesome sales for the next couple of days. Like CRAZY good sales. Check it out for Christmas gifts, or if you've ever wanted to try Scentsy but didn't want to spend the money this would be a good time to get some stuff for cheap and see if you like it! THIS LINK should hopefully take you directly to the sale!

8. If you shop at Target do you use the Cartwheel app? I absolutely love it! I'm not an extreme couponer or anything (I honestly wish I was) but with that app I'm able save some money, yesterday I saved $20, woo hoo!

9. I'm going to a cookie exchange party tomorrow and need to find a good cookie recipe. I want to win!

10. Happy weekend! Stay warm!


  1. Yayyy a blog update! I am so ridiculously pumped that you are having a girl. And eager to know the name. :)

    I need to check out that app...I've tried couponing a little bit & just couldn't get into it. Small steps like apps would be nice. So thanks!

    Love ya!

  2. I love cartwheel! The December southern living had a whole section on cookie recipes that all looked amazing!

  3. 29 degrees! Crazy! Chicken enchiladas sound like the perfect meal for a cold Friday night :)

    I am with you...SO excited for Thanksgiving next week.

    Stay warm!

  4. My husband and I started reading your blog when you were pregnant with Eli, and we have been reading ever since. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers while you are on some activity restrictions.

  5. Okay, how have you saved $20 in one transaction? Maybe the boots sale? My friend has saved over $50. I think I'm around $13 total. Do you use the shop kick app as well as the target app, target coupons from their website and bring your own bags? Yep, you can save a bundle even without extreme couponing. I thought I'd share.
    I can't wait to see your furniture pictures. And take it easy. Is it early enough along that the low laying placenta can change?

  6. I haven't used Cartwheel but I've heard about it...unfortunately I think it would justify me shopping at Target more, which would do more harm than good!

  7. HEY! So I have partial placenta previa too. WHAT THE HECK!? I go back in a week and a half for an US and to see if its moved up. Praying for you too! Can we have a house tour once the furniture gets moved in!? WOO HOO!


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