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21 Weeks -

Well my pregnancy updates this time around have sort of turned into a joke. I think I've done just three or four? This is merely an attitude I have towards blogging in general and has nothing to do with me not wanting to record this pregnancy.

Although, when reading my recaps of my pregnancy with Eli my recaps of this pregnancy with baby girl (who finally has a name yay) are pretty much identical.

In fact, I stated this last blog post but it's worth mentioning again, I started both pregnancies the SAME exact weight and to this point I have gained the SAME exact weight.

It blows my mind.

I thought I was doing so much better this time around, not eating everything I wanted, still jogging, carrying a THIRTY POUND TODDLER EVERYWHERE.

But yeah not so much, I'm still well on my way to gaining 40+ pounds over here. Which is fine. I will just revisit my ole friend Weight Watchers when all is said and done.

Thanks for comments and couple of messages about my placenta previa, no matter what you are going through, big or small it's always nice to hear of others who can relate to the situation.

I talked to my doctor a little more about it last week and feel better about it. I still wish I could jog, that is probably the thing I miss the most.

One of my best friends from college came over yesterday and she has an 8 month old baby girl. SO crazy to think that this time next year we will have an 8 month old baby girl. How exciting! Eli was good with the baby most of the time but didn't like share his toys all the time.

My 21 week comparison pic. Eli on the left, baby girl on the right.

I'm getting a little nervous about adding a baby to the mix. I'm so excited, but man, it's a little nervewracking to think of doing all the baby stuff again. I wrote a post about all my thoughts. It should be up soon. 

Happy Thanksgiving week! I can't wait to get my hands on those potatoes! 


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