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Week 14 - Baby Tree Two

I'm still here and I'm still thankful. Just haven't really been writing about it much.

It started on Thursday when I was in a pretty foul mood all day long for various reasons but we'll just blame pregnancy hormones because that's the best solution. So I didn't blog that night.

And then Friday came and we were just so "busy" hanging out doing nothing as a family that I didn't even think about blogging.

So I'm here today, but instead of doing a designated "thankful" post for my 31 days series I'm going to do a baby update. I love going back and reading these with Eli and I realized I hadn't even started them for this baby yet.

Sorry baby #2, it seems you are already getting the shaft.  Let me remedy that.

Without further ado, the beginning of my week update fun which I'm sure insanely boring to others.

Week 14:

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think around 5 lbs.....

Maternity Clothes: Well..... I can't find ANY of my jeans from when I was pregnant with Eli. I found all my shirts and sweaters but no pants. Ahhh the joys of temporary living. I have been wearing the same pair of rockstar non-maternity jeans from old navy every single day because they are stretchy and sit right under my belly and are the only jeans that fit right now. I *think* I know what box my pants are in in our storage unit so I'm going to look tomorrow. Mama needs her maternity pants. If I don't find them I will be going shopping this week.

Gender: Won't know until the end of November.

Movement: I haven't felt the baby yet, and I've heard that generally you feel your 2nd baby sooner than you did the first. I am very ready. I love that feeling!

Sleep: I went through a weird spurt where I was getting up at 5am on the dot ready to go for the day, but I passed that and sleep has been pretty good. As long as I have a fan blowing in my face and a pillow underneath my belly. It's not even that big yet but for some reason the pillow helps me sleep better.

What I miss: Eh. Not really anything. Yet. Maybe I miss being able to be hit or kicked by Eli and not worrying if it is hurting the baby. Please note all hits and kicks are in fun. Most of the time.

Cravings: Oh man, ALL things sour. I just sit and think about sour things, which is obviously healthy. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night yearning for a scoop of bubble gum ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Weird. I haven't been there in YEARS. I still can't eat chicken. Sick. I can handle beef most days.

Best Moment this week: Nothing really stands out. It was a great week. Eli and I went to the park a lot and just had a lot of fun days together. 

Now here is my 14 weeks pic with Eli and now Baby #2. I thought I was SO much bigger this time until I saw this pic. I think I'm the same exact size.


  1. I love posts like this :) Excited to watch your tummy GROW!!! :)

  2. love your baby updates!! you look great!

  3. Your bump is identical! Another boy?

  4. Absolutely LOVE reading these posts!! You have the most PRECIOUS bump!

  5. Aww. Little baby bump!

  6. I love baby bump updates - definitely not boring to me!! I had so much fun comparing my bumps with my 2 kids - I was definitely bigger with my daughter (#2) than my son the whole time, and she was a half pound heavier (8.5 lbs vs. 9 lbs). Can't wait to follow this pregnancy all the way to to a healthy delivery!!

  7. so happy to see your baby bump updates are back! I always enjoy reading these!

  8. Looking great! Love the baby updates!


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