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I was so excited about this 31 days series. I thought it would help me with my writing and would get the writing "juices flowing" if you will.

I feel like I was once an OK writer and now I've turned into a person who can't formulate a sentence and if she does formulate a sentence it goes nowhere, has no point. Comparable to gibberish.

I'm not really sure what is to blame for this. I know something is to blame, not myself. I'll continue to ponder it.

So anyways, I thought by being forced to write 31 days in a row I would start getting that writing bug again and before I knew it I would be a phenomenal author of words.


Not happening.

If anything I think I've gotten worse.

Just some random thoughts swirling around in my head. I just think it's funny how I put expectations on things and think they will go one way and they go the COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

I didn't think much today about my blog and I have no pre-written thankful posts in a queue ready to go (although that would have been a good idea).

So tonight I'm just gonna say I'm thankful for sleep because I'm REALLY tried. I love getting in my bed, next to my bestest friend (Luke, just in case you're wondering) and drifting to sleep.

It's glorious.


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