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Pumpkin Patch

I love fall.

I know it seems almost like a cliche statement at this point but it truly is just such an amazing season. Those hot  must-stay-inside-all-day-so-we-don't-die-from-a-heat-stroke days are past us and the cooler weather allows for more outdoor activities. I love fall food and fall wardrobes; sweaters and boots. It truly is one of the best times of the year.

I still think Christmas IS the best time of the year, but Fall is a close second.

This past Saturday we did one of my favorite Fall activities, going to the pumpkin patch. I loved doing this before we even had Eli, and now that Eli is old enough to truly understand and enjoy it, well it makes it even more fun.

However I am learning that Eli is at the age that I cannot tell him we are doing something until the SECOND before we leave to do whatever the activity is that we are doing that day.

Friday night before he went to bed I told him that the next day we were going to go get pumpkins with Manny. Obviously thinking he was two and would fall asleep and forget I ever mentioned pumpkins and best friends.

On Saturday  morning Eli woke up and did his usual " DADAAAAA COME GET ME".  I did my usual staying in bed while Luke went to get Eli. I could hear Luke open Eli's door and then I heard Eli say "Hi dada I'm ready to go get pumpkins and see Manny and eat ice cream".

For the record nobody ever mentioned ice cream. Toddlers have some mad skills.

And so it began. We didn't leave for the pumpkin till 4:00 that afternoon and from the moment Eli woke up at 7am to the time we walked out the door to get in the car he asked when we were leaving nonstop.

Lesson learned.

We eventually did make it to the pumpkin patch and I can only hope it lived up to Eli's expectations.

We met Sarah and her family and had a lot of fun. We went to the pumpkin patch this exact weekend last year (total coincidence). It's crazy to see how our boys changed in that short year.

This particular pumpkin patch was so fun and more than just a "patch" there were so many activities for the kids to do, we ended up spending all afternoon there. 

Eli and Luke rode the carousel and this picture cracks me up because they both look miserable. Luke said it was because I was the crazy mom standing right in the sun yelling "LOOK AT ME AND SMILE". I really think it was because they were sitting on a thing that was spinning which will cause any sane person to go crazy and want to vomit. Or maybe just me.

We also went to the petting zoo and rode a train around the farm. Eli had so much fun and was of course thrilled to spend time with Manny.


Each kid was able to leave with their very own pumpkin, I told Eli we would paint his at home, and believe me the kid has not forgotten I said that. Hopefully we get to it soon.

Today I'm thankful for friends to do life with. I have realized that finding good friends is harder than dating, or maybe I just had an easy dating experience.

Regardless friends are fun and important in life. Especially when you need someone to go to the pumpkin patch with. And if they have a kid your kid likes then they get bonus points.

 Day I have no idea because I'm so behind in 31 days of thankfulness


  1. OMG Eli's expression in the picture with the pumpkin is PRICELESS!!! What a doll!!!

  2. Dating is harder than finding friends

  3. so cute! we loved our trip to the pumpkin patch as well!


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