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Do I really need to elaborate

more from the subject of this post?

Pizza. Its a beautiful, beautiful food.

It's a food I could never get sick of and I don't think I've ever had a bad pizza.

Yes some are better than others. But even school cafeteria pizza is good to me. You can't go wrong with bread, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Sure can't.

I have loved pizza my whole life and I'm so happy I married a man who shares that love with me. We eat pizza more than I should admit.

But if we put vegetables on it then it's healthy right?

This week, I went with a friend to a new place in town that is like the Subway of pizza. You put together your own pizza. All the way from choosing your own crust, and sauce to choosing ANY toppings you want on there. They have so many to choose from.

I enjoyed my pizza so much I went back again the next day.

Like I said, I eat pizza a lot.

So, today on the fourth day of my thankfulness series I am thankful for pizza.


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  1. I am with you on this one!! I love pizza! I hope you've been to Humble Pie so good! and Upper Crust! There are so many good choices around here!


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