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My Work Day

Thursday is what I consider my "work day".

After I drop Eli off at MDO I go to my office. Well whatever office I choose for that day. Sometimes it's Starbucks, sometimes it's Panera, but I don't like to go there because they limit their wifi time. I mean WHAT is that about??

There are a couple of other local places that I enjoy going to also, but regardless of where I go that table and booth (or hard wooden chair) where I set my stuff, becomes my office for the day.

I pull out my completely charged laptop, my planner, headphones, and notebook and get to working.

It has become my Scentsy day. and I absolutely love it.

I spent a great deal of my day today working on various Scentsy tasks, and it reminded me how thankful I am for this little journey.

It gives me something that is "mine". Obviously, like I said previously, being a mom and a wife is my number one dream and focus right now, but I love having a Scentsy business where I get to work at setting goals and achieve them. I am able to spend time communicating with other women, learning from some, encouraging some, and building authentic relationships with a lot of them.

I love this business and I'm thankful that I took a chance on it. I say all of this in the most truthful, most, not-trying-to-sell-you kind of way. It's just something that has added so much to my life and I love it. Truly.

After several hours of working at a coffee shop, when I am certain to smell exactly like a coffee bean I pack up my stuff, go pick up Eli and we head home. I'm able to work on my time, where I want. It's a good gig. 

And because I always show the warmer of the month I will do that now because I know I have a lot of customers who do read this blog.

I guess this could be considered the part of the blog where I do try and sell you, but seriously how cute is this scarecrow?

And the scent this month is like the perfect fall scent. I'm in love:

I'm extremely thankful for my customers also but I foresee that being another post before the end of this 31 days is up.

And thank you to my readers who aren't Scentsy customers who endure through my Scentsy posts every now and then. I know it's not for everyone, that is completely normal, but thank you for letting me use this space to talk about my business. It's just apart of me now!  


  1. Hey Megan - do you have any of the scentsy bars left in this scent by chance? I would like to have 2 if you do. You can reach me at

    Thank you! :)

  2. I recently purchased my very first Scentsy warmer and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! I'm so glad I FINALLY tried it. :) What a great company.



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