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My First Dream

I knew my first post in the thankfulness series would be a bit difficult.

Not because I'm not thankful, or because I'm so negative I have trouble coming up with positive things to be thankful for - no it has nothing to do with those reasons. I may be negative but I'm not that negative...

The reason I knew it would be difficult is because I have so much to be thankful for, so how do I pick what to talk about first? And also do it without being blah blah cliche.

What does blah blah cliche mean? Well of course I'm thankful for my husband, for Eli, for my family and Luke's family and for Jesus dying for my sins and for shelter and food, and blah blah blah.

Those are all such important things, but they go without saying. They are the "obvious" thankfuls in my life.

Instead I want to focus on going deeper, each day looking at the little things, the things that slip by me that I don't realize just how thankful I am.

So this morning when I woke up I asked the Lord to help me to keep my eyes open throughout the day. To not zip through the day doing this task and that task until I find myself getting into bed with another day checked off the calendar.

But instead to help me truly enjoy every moment, seeing thankfulness in every second.

So throughout the day I tried to keep my eyes open with a new perspective for thankfulness. Then around 2:45 I was driving home from getting Eli from school and I passed a high school. A high school that was being released for the day. Every where I looked there were teens walking home. Awkward, hipster, kinda grumpy looking teens.

And then and there I realized how thankful I was to not be in high school anymore.

My high school years weren't bad, although I'm sure they were awkward. I had friends and had fun, but man I love life right now.

I had many dreams growing up, but the dream I was most passionate about was being a wife and a mom. Creating a family. And now I get to live my dream every single day and I am so thankful.

Things don't always look how I thought they would look, and not everything happens in our own "perfect" timing we set in our head, but I am so thankful for this season of life.

Sometimes being an adult is hard, we are faced with tough decisions and hard circumstances and dealing with bills and finances and all of that, but not a day goes by that I don't realize how blessed I am to be able to live my dream.

I do have other dreams, dreams that are more personal to me, business type dreams and goals I want to achieve. Some I work on a little bit everyday, and some will come at the perfect time.

But right now, today I am thankful to be living my first dream.

And also thankful to be done with high school. Or basically anytime in life when straighteners weren't present. That was not a pretty sight.


  1. I really, really loved this! I always had the same dream and occasionally, I'm struck with that same thought-- I can't believe I'm actually living my dream. Even with all the difficulties and mundane things... it was my dream and I'm so thankful. God has been so good to us!

  2. Your blog is my second blog ever to read...(I just read Beth Moore's) Love it! ;)

  3. I am excited for your 31 day challenge. After reading your post it just set my mind back on track to be thankful for the little things. Sometimes you just get set in your ways and forget to notice those things.

  4. I'm excited for your series! This is such a good topic and a great reminder!

  5. I hear ya, sister. So so glad I am not in high school - as a teacher or a student! I really prefer being a mom in this phase of life! It wasn't my dream, but it's so good anyhow.


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