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Eli's Sibling

Today is one of those thankfulness posts that doesn't need a lot of explanation.

I am so thankful to be pregnant again.

Pregnancy isn't always the most fun time. There are sleepless nights, weight gain, discomfort in your own body and pain in various areas of your body that seems to come out of nowhere.

But it's oh so amazing. Feeling tiny kicks from those mysterious feet inside of you. The anticipation of seeing your baby and kissing those feet that kicked your ribs for so long. The feeling of knowing you are growing your baby. It is all too much to even wrap my mind around.

While it is amazing and it is thrilling, it isn't without some worries and fears. Feelings that I constantly have to take to God and give them to him knowing they are out of my control.

One thing that has worried me a bit is wondering how Eli will adjust to all of the change. People keep asking me what Eli thinks about the baby and really, he doesn't get it at all. HE'S TWO. He can't remember to use the toilet. He has no realistic understanding that soon he will be sharing his parents with another being.

And with that sentence right there I almost start crying. We'll just blame the hormones on that one.

I'm so worried about how he will handle it all and how it will affect him. And I know without question there will be a bit of a learning curve as he adjusts to life with a sibling, but I also have to remind myself I am giving him a gift.  Someone to walk through life with. Someone to reminisce with about mom's bad cooking and dad's ridiculous yet comical love of the Giants. A built in friend to play super hero's with and battle over video games and stay up late with. Someone that he can just be himself with, someone that not only knows his past but lived it with him every step of the way.

I know there will probably be jealousy at first but we will just work with it as we go. It's not something I'm going to worry about right now.

Right now I'm thankful for this growing baby, for Eli's sibling his new baby brother or sister (sister if you ask him).

So I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy, which includes all the heartburn and weight gain and those pesky leg cramps that happen in the middle of the night. I'm going to enjoy every minute. I'm going to try not to eat so many donuts this time around but I am going to enjoy it and not entertain my worries.


  1. Awwww. You guys are absolutely adorable. I'm sure there will be jealous moments, but you know that he is going to love him\her.

  2. so precious! I think that as a momma of one, we ALL have those feelings of worry when it comes to adding more kiddos to the mix. We aren't even pregnant and I'm already worried about it!

  3. We had another baby when my oldest was two. It was rough the first few weeks as he adjusted but now it's amazing . I'm always thankful too when god blesses us with a baby.. How is Luke doing with the giants having lost all their games so far?

  4. I dreaded the whole "now you have to share everything!" thing. James was two years, four months when Will was born. And he was SO good. SOOO good. He was helpful and loving and kind. The worst thing I could say was that he was TOO helpful and loving and kind. Once Will started moving around a bit more and he realized he had to share his STUFF, that's when things got tricky. But honestly, he doesn't remember life without him so it's just normal brother stuff. No "you came and ruined everything" animosity, just "I have to be around you 24/7 and you drive me nuts" which I think (hope) is totally normal!

  5. This is such a wonderful photo!! :)


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