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A Special Bond

There are many things about Luke that I am thankful for, but one of his most amazing traits is how good of a dad he is to Eli.

I married Luke for lots of reasons, many reasons that went beyond how cute I thought he was and how much love I felt for him.

But out of all those traits that I loved about him, I never knew just how good of a dad he would make one day.

I've heard women say that watching their husband with their kids made them fall in love with their man all over again and it is so true.

I love watching Luke with Eli and I love watching Eli with Luke. They have this bond that is so special. Eli ADORES his dad.

Luke and Eli have a nightly routine that involves bath time, reading a specific book and then a story from his bible. I've tried to take over a couple of nights and Eli always tells me "NO DADA DO IT". Well ok then. I'll just go read a book or something.

Recently I tried to use a tape measure and Eli was screaming for it, I thought he wanted to play with it so I gave it to him and he immediately ran it to Luke and said "here dada mama had it" like he was doing Luke a favor by taking it from me.

I love this above picture because Eli does this when Luke holds him, he plays with the back of his hair. He never does this with me, just something he does when his dada holds him.

Watching the way Eli gets excited when Luke gets home from work, or hearing him scream "DADA" every morning when he wakes up just melts my heart

I'm so thankful for the way Luke fathers Eli. He leads our family spiritually and just does such a good job of being a day and husband.

And I must say I'm not purposely choosing topics for talk about just to use our new pics, but hey if the SHOE FITS.


  1. Such a sweet post!! Love these 35 days of posts! :)

  2. We have had the privilege of watching Eli with Luke and Luke with Eli. He adores his dada for sure! Eli has the best role model for a dada as I know Luke's heart for God is 100% to teach His kids about the Abba Father! Hey Megan girl, you are an amazing momma whom that little man adores too! He will marry a girl just like his momma someday. A God seeking woman who cheers on her man and loves being a momma with all hear heart! Keep posting! hugs, T

  3. That last picture is my favorite! So sweet Eli looking up at his dada!

  4. precious post! It truly is amazing the relationship that kiddos can have with their dads--I'm all for it as long as I dont' always have to be the BAD GUY! Ha!

  5. I love this post and the photos are just gorgeous!

  6. I can only imagine how precious these photos are to you. They are priceless. Such a sweet post!

  7. How sweet is this?! Oh my gosh. I may or may not have cried when I saw the first picture. I blame pregnancy hormones. ;)
    Loving your 31 days of thankfulness. And those new family pictures look amazing!

  8. I love the part about the tape measure. So helpful. Haha.

    Great pictures, too!

  9. Everyone told me how much boys adore their mamas and love their mamas and yada yada yada. My oldest is a daddy's boy through and through. It's not that he DOESN'T love and adore me, he just idolizes Dad and has so much more in common with him, I think. I have to admit that it made me feel sad for a while and then I realized how blessed he is to have a daddy that loves him so much. AND it gives me some free time when James and I have been at home together all day long. :)


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