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17 Weeks and another Pumpkin Patch

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think around 5 lbs.....(give or take 10 lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity pants most of the time....I ordered several pants from Old Navy but I don't really care for them, sending most of them back. I really want to splurge on an expensive pair but can't pull the plug just yet.....
Gender: I set my anatomy scan appointment for November 8th and decided to wait and share the gender after my appointment. Or maybe I will tell before then, I don't know I can't decide.
Name: I still love the first name that just came to me, but I've had some recent additions, and Luke likes them all. We've narrowed it down to the top 3 and we are trying to decide. I'm still leaning towards the first name.
Movement: I think maybe, MAYBE I have felt the baby move. I'm pretty sure I have but it's been very light "bubble popping" feelings. Nothing big and huge. It's still so early
Sleep: It's going well, still want to get a big pillow though.
What I miss: Nothing this week.
Cravings: Candy. I feel like I do a good job of avoiding foods with gross man made ingredients in them and then I get pregnant and it's pretty much all I eat. I know that doesn't make sense but I just want candy all the time while pregnant. I have also been craving little grape tomato. I sit and eat a whole pack of those.
Best Moment this week: Hearing Eli call my belly his baby ______ (insert gender there) and also calling it by it's current name......which still could be changed, hopefully he doesn't get confused.
With Eli and Now with Baby Tree #2:
I think this week I'm bigger with the 2nd baby,  however my hair was much more voluptuous the first time.

Luke's parents came this weekend and we went a different pumpkin patch than the one we went to last week. It was so much fun, this one is more "country" and has a more laid back feeling. Eli of course loved spending time with his maw and papa and loved running around the farm. We even roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in a fire pit they had there. It was a fun time!


Simple Reminders

Since the day Eli was born I have received lesson after lesson while parenting him.

Lessons about humility when he is screaming in the middle of a store.

Lessons about patience when I'm waiting on the slowest toddler ever to walk from the front door to the car.

And lots of lessons in my relationship with God, and how he views me as His child.

Actually I think having Eli has only given me a teeny tiny glimpse of how God feels about me. It was hard to fathom before I was a parent, and now that I have Eli I feel like I kind of understand it, but only a human level.

Sometimes I will experience a situation with Eli or be in the middle of disciplining him, and the realization of how similar this is to my walk with God will hit me hard. Or sometimes it's just a small whisper. Either way, the similarities are there and are sometimes eerie.

This morning when I woke up I looked at the weather and saw it was going to be a beautiful day so I decided to take Eli to the zoo.

We have a zoo pass which is so great for quick trips to the zoo. I don't feel like we have to stay all day to "get our money's worth" we can go visit the zoo for a couple of hours and leave in time for our afternoon nap.

Eli was so excited to go to the zoo and couldn't wait to see the monkeys. which was our first stop once arriving at the zoo.

Then we made our way throughout the zoo going through Eli's "wish list" of animals. He would say "ok now let's go see elephants", so off to the elephants we went.

I must clarify I don't always let Eli bark orders at me like some kind of toddler dictator, but I had no agenda and we are rarely at the zoo just the two of us with no time limit so bark I let him.

We made our way to the elephants, he looked at the elephants for about 2. 5 seconds and said ok now tigers.

So off I went to the tigers. I know I'm like a minute pregnant (more like 17 weeks) but I couldn't believe how much it was already taking a toll on my body. I can normally zip around the zoo pushing Eli's stroller (with 30 pounds of toddler seated inside) with no problem.

Today was a different story, I was huffing and puffing at some points, and even thought about asking the single dad with his daughter who was trying to flirt with me if he would give me a back massage. I was that desperate.

But we were on an animal-seeing mission so I kept on huffing and puffing like I was at some workout boot camp instead of just a leisurely day at the zoo. Eli kept declaring his interest to see the giraffes and I was there to serve him (for only a couple of hours then once we left the zoo our normal mother-toddler son relationship resumed)

He sang of his love for the giraffes the whole way to the OTHER side of the zoo. I knew we would spend at least 3 minutes staring at the giraffes and maybe mama could get some rest because that baby the size of an apple inside her was WEARING HER OUT.

We made it to the giraffes. I pulled the stroller into a spot for spectacular giraffe viewing. It was around the time that the wheels on the stroller stopped moving that Eli said "oh now go see zebras".

I'm sorry. COME AGAIN? Didn't I just trek across the zoo with you singing of the giraffes praises the entire way, thinking you would relish in the beauty of the long neck, long legged animal only for you to give it a MERE GLANCE.

And this is when one of those life lessons grazed across my mind. Or heart? Or maybe both.

So many times in life I ask God for something. I SING MY PRAISES of Him and how I need this particular thing or situation in life to change. I wait for whatever it is to come and when God delivers......I immediately say ok now help me get "this" (fill in the blank with whatever it is in life that I think I need at that moment).

I'm not even talking material things. There have been times I have struggled with something, longed to be free of something, and just as soon as I experience a blessing from God no sooner than I can say "thank you" am I already asking for the next thing.

Not even taking time to praise Him for what He has done. For who He is.

Obviously the zoo story and my relationship with God are on two completely different levels in life, but yet I love how God uses these times with my son to teach me, to help me better understand my relationship with Him. I love simple reminders.

I'm thankful for these times, thankful for the lessons. Some lessons are more lighthearted and some are deep convictions that God uses to work on me, but either way I'm thankful that God never gives up on me and continues to teach me. And uses simple zoo trips to bring clear messages to me.

Our zoo day together! 

 Day I have no idea because I'm so behind in 31 days of thankfulness


Pumpkin Patch

I love fall.

I know it seems almost like a cliche statement at this point but it truly is just such an amazing season. Those hot  must-stay-inside-all-day-so-we-don't-die-from-a-heat-stroke days are past us and the cooler weather allows for more outdoor activities. I love fall food and fall wardrobes; sweaters and boots. It truly is one of the best times of the year.

I still think Christmas IS the best time of the year, but Fall is a close second.

This past Saturday we did one of my favorite Fall activities, going to the pumpkin patch. I loved doing this before we even had Eli, and now that Eli is old enough to truly understand and enjoy it, well it makes it even more fun.

However I am learning that Eli is at the age that I cannot tell him we are doing something until the SECOND before we leave to do whatever the activity is that we are doing that day.

Friday night before he went to bed I told him that the next day we were going to go get pumpkins with Manny. Obviously thinking he was two and would fall asleep and forget I ever mentioned pumpkins and best friends.

On Saturday  morning Eli woke up and did his usual " DADAAAAA COME GET ME".  I did my usual staying in bed while Luke went to get Eli. I could hear Luke open Eli's door and then I heard Eli say "Hi dada I'm ready to go get pumpkins and see Manny and eat ice cream".

For the record nobody ever mentioned ice cream. Toddlers have some mad skills.

And so it began. We didn't leave for the pumpkin till 4:00 that afternoon and from the moment Eli woke up at 7am to the time we walked out the door to get in the car he asked when we were leaving nonstop.

Lesson learned.

We eventually did make it to the pumpkin patch and I can only hope it lived up to Eli's expectations.

We met Sarah and her family and had a lot of fun. We went to the pumpkin patch this exact weekend last year (total coincidence). It's crazy to see how our boys changed in that short year.

This particular pumpkin patch was so fun and more than just a "patch" there were so many activities for the kids to do, we ended up spending all afternoon there. 

Eli and Luke rode the carousel and this picture cracks me up because they both look miserable. Luke said it was because I was the crazy mom standing right in the sun yelling "LOOK AT ME AND SMILE". I really think it was because they were sitting on a thing that was spinning which will cause any sane person to go crazy and want to vomit. Or maybe just me.

We also went to the petting zoo and rode a train around the farm. Eli had so much fun and was of course thrilled to spend time with Manny.


Each kid was able to leave with their very own pumpkin, I told Eli we would paint his at home, and believe me the kid has not forgotten I said that. Hopefully we get to it soon.

Today I'm thankful for friends to do life with. I have realized that finding good friends is harder than dating, or maybe I just had an easy dating experience.

Regardless friends are fun and important in life. Especially when you need someone to go to the pumpkin patch with. And if they have a kid your kid likes then they get bonus points.

 Day I have no idea because I'm so behind in 31 days of thankfulness


16 Weeks - Baby Tree Two

How Far Along: 16 weeks - My last update I did just last week was 14 weeks - well this week I had an unexpected ultrasound (more on that below) and I'm actually measuring at 16 weeks. So I'm just going to adjust it on here and 15 weeks just disappeared into thin air.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think around 5 lbs.....(give or take 10 lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Still can't find my maternity jeans and I looked in just about every box this week. So I pulled the plug and bought some more. I ordered them online so I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival.
Gender: Ok get ready this is long..........

On Friday afternoon I had some bleeding. It wasn't a ton of bleeding but enough that I was definitely alarmed. My doctor's office is closed Friday so I called the on call number and my doctor called me back immediately. She wanted me to go in for an ultrasound ASAP and made me an appointment. My appointment was about 30 minutes after I talked to the doctor and Eli was asleep. I didn't want to wake him up so I called Luke and asked if he could come work from home while I went to the appointment. I really felt like nothing was wrong with the baby and I would be ok going by myself to the ultrasound. Luke asked me 8 million times if I was really ok going alone but for me it was more important for Eli to nap. If you've ever mothered a 2 year old you understand where I'm coming from in this. 

When I got to the radiology place they told me that their machine was broken and it could take a couple of minutes to fix. An hour and 15 minutes later they called me back. I hadn't had anymore bleeding and was still pretty calm at this point. And I was so glad I was alone. No way Eli could have sat with me in the waiting room that whole time. 

The ultrasound tech got me all set up and started looking around in my belly (so crazy). He immediately got the heartbeat and said everything looked great with the baby. It was doing great. So this is when I took my chance....I said "welllllllll can you see the gender?"

And he said he very clearly could see it....and then told me what it was.

Considering we are in a day and age of huge gender reveal parties, colored cakes and balloons popping out of boxes it was the most anti-climatic "gender reveal' ever. Just me and the sweet ole ultrasound tech who watched me wipe away tears with my belly exposed and told me I was going to be a great mom....clearly trying to cut the awkwardness I am so great at creating.

I waited till I got home from the office to tell Luke, I didn't want to tell him on the phone. I was also able to show him a ton of pics the ultrasound tech took and put on a disc for us.

So we now know the gender. I think I'm going to wait till our "official" visit with my own doctor when they do the anatomy scan and check the gender before we announce. But I may change my mind. We'll see.

Name: We are 90% sure we have decided on a name. It's just so hard to commit to a name, it's kind of a big deal, but I love it and as soon as I saw that baby on the ultrasound this name came to me. I told Luke about it immediately and he loved it. Pretty sure it's the one.

Movement: Still haven't felt the baby yet. When I saw the ultrasound it was moving around all in there, just not big enough for me to feel yet!

Sleep: It's going pretty good so far. I sort of want one of those Bump Nest body pillows. Has anybody used one? They truly look magical.

What I miss: I sort of miss Chick Fila. But not really.

Cravings: Still craving all things sour. ALL THINGS SOUR. It's weird. And my tongue is raw. 

Best Moment this week: Finding out the gender! Woo hoo!

With Eli and Now with Baby Tree #2:


Random Thankfuls

What am I thankful for today?

Well really so much, I'm thankful for this cooler weather as it allows me to get out all my boots, scarves and jackets that I love so much. I told Luke that my wardrobe really kicks it up a notch when Fall rolls around. And he rolled his eyes.

I'm thankful for friends who invite us over for dinner. Friends who open their house, share their meal with us and just allow us to interrupt a night of their normal so we can spend time together.

I'm thankful for coffee and coke. Not together of course, one serves a purpose in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both are delicious and hit the spot at just the right time.

I'm thankful for other bloggers and the way they open my mind, make me see things differently, think differently and entertain me. I am loving the 31 days series and particularly love reading these 31 posts:

I have loved reading these three blogs during this series for various reasons. They each have a different voice behind them, a different purpose for writing and different writing styles but all have struck a chord with me.

I'm thankful for friends I've made through blogging and opportunities that have come about because of this blog. It's a fun little "hobby" that I hope to continue for awhile.

Those are just a few things I'm thankful for today.

Day 17 in 31 days of thankfulness


Slow Cooking Yumminess

From God's timing to crock pots.....just a few things I'm thankful for.

I discovered the wonder of the crock pot during our first year of marriage and it was a beautiful realtionship after that.

I have shared several recipes on the blog of my favorite crock pot recipes throughout the years. I love this crock pot coney recipe and any crock pot recipe from Skinny Taste never fails!

Recently I started coming off of my "no cooking rut". The time has come for me to  start cooking again. It seems that the majority of my pregnancy sickness is gone (another thing I'm thankful for) and I can actually handle cooking a meal.

However there is one small problem, 98% of our kitchen utensils, dishes, pots, pans etc are packed up.

So today I ventured out to Target and bought a new crock pot. I figured it won't hurt to have two of those (our other crock pot is in storage).

All of that to say I love my crock pot because I can prepare an entire meal in a short amount of time, let it cook all day and then come back to my precious silver pot and find a fully cooked meal. It's almost like magic.

Tonight my crock pot magically cooked Cornbread Chicken Enchiladas. YUM. If you have been looking for a new recipe you need to try this one!

Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe to share? Considering its one of our only tools in our kitchen currently I will take all the suggestions I can get!

Day 14 in 31 days of thankfulness


God's Timing

Today I am thankful for God's timing.

Now I have to be honest, that almost felt like swallowing vinegar to type that out. Because God's timing isn't always easy, nor does it always align with what I feel is the best timing, but it's crazy how well he knows me before I know myself. And how I'm constantly reminded that His timing is best and therefore I am thankful for it.

When we got pregnant with Eli we were not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon. As soon as I saw that positive pregnancy test I was scared, scared, scared. This did NOT fit into my plan and what I had written down as to how life was supposed to go. We weren't ready in any way, shape or form, but that didn't matter. God knew. Now I always say Eli was the best gift I didn't even realize I wanted.

After Eli was born I wanted nothing more than to be home with him full time, but it wasn't an option. So I went back to work, thankfully I was able to work part-time, and then about a year and a half later I made the transition to a full time stay at home mom.

It was hard going back to work when I didn't want to go but I am so thankful for that time. I was blessed with a great job and fun but professional workplace.  Going back to work helped me to truly appreciate staying home with Eli. I now see it as a gift that I never want to take for-granted. God knew I needed that time. His timing.

I had a plan when I wanted to get pregnant with baby #2 and then my plan took a little longer than expected. Not much, but enough to get off track from what I thought would be the perfect time. Now I realize how inconvenient my plan would have been. Yes it would have been ok, but perhaps not the best. I really only want God's best even if it means sometimes I have to wait or not get my way.

When we sold our house in six days we considered it a miracle. It seemed to good to be true. And then since then there have been many days I have questioned God. Why did our house sell so fast if it was only going to be a pain of circumstances to follow? I have to admit, it's been a bit frustrating, but there have been several factors that have confirmed we are doing what we're supposed to be doing at this moment.

I get frustrated, angry, and experience moments of doubt and confusion many times in life through various circumstances but I'm reminded that His ways are higher than mine. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

So right now during a time that I'm dealing with all those emotions I'm still going to be thankful for God's timing. In the moment I may not see it or even want it, but I know that His timing is better than anything I could imagine. And I will continue to remind myself or numerous situations in life that have proved that His timing is much better than mine.

Day 13 in 31 days of thankfulness


Week 14 - Baby Tree Two

I'm still here and I'm still thankful. Just haven't really been writing about it much.

It started on Thursday when I was in a pretty foul mood all day long for various reasons but we'll just blame pregnancy hormones because that's the best solution. So I didn't blog that night.

And then Friday came and we were just so "busy" hanging out doing nothing as a family that I didn't even think about blogging.

So I'm here today, but instead of doing a designated "thankful" post for my 31 days series I'm going to do a baby update. I love going back and reading these with Eli and I realized I hadn't even started them for this baby yet.

Sorry baby #2, it seems you are already getting the shaft.  Let me remedy that.

Without further ado, the beginning of my week update fun which I'm sure insanely boring to others.

Week 14:

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think around 5 lbs.....

Maternity Clothes: Well..... I can't find ANY of my jeans from when I was pregnant with Eli. I found all my shirts and sweaters but no pants. Ahhh the joys of temporary living. I have been wearing the same pair of rockstar non-maternity jeans from old navy every single day because they are stretchy and sit right under my belly and are the only jeans that fit right now. I *think* I know what box my pants are in in our storage unit so I'm going to look tomorrow. Mama needs her maternity pants. If I don't find them I will be going shopping this week.

Gender: Won't know until the end of November.

Movement: I haven't felt the baby yet, and I've heard that generally you feel your 2nd baby sooner than you did the first. I am very ready. I love that feeling!

Sleep: I went through a weird spurt where I was getting up at 5am on the dot ready to go for the day, but I passed that and sleep has been pretty good. As long as I have a fan blowing in my face and a pillow underneath my belly. It's not even that big yet but for some reason the pillow helps me sleep better.

What I miss: Eh. Not really anything. Yet. Maybe I miss being able to be hit or kicked by Eli and not worrying if it is hurting the baby. Please note all hits and kicks are in fun. Most of the time.

Cravings: Oh man, ALL things sour. I just sit and think about sour things, which is obviously healthy. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night yearning for a scoop of bubble gum ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Weird. I haven't been there in YEARS. I still can't eat chicken. Sick. I can handle beef most days.

Best Moment this week: Nothing really stands out. It was a great week. Eli and I went to the park a lot and just had a lot of fun days together. 

Now here is my 14 weeks pic with Eli and now Baby #2. I thought I was SO much bigger this time until I saw this pic. I think I'm the same exact size.



I was so excited about this 31 days series. I thought it would help me with my writing and would get the writing "juices flowing" if you will.

I feel like I was once an OK writer and now I've turned into a person who can't formulate a sentence and if she does formulate a sentence it goes nowhere, has no point. Comparable to gibberish.

I'm not really sure what is to blame for this. I know something is to blame, not myself. I'll continue to ponder it.

So anyways, I thought by being forced to write 31 days in a row I would start getting that writing bug again and before I knew it I would be a phenomenal author of words.


Not happening.

If anything I think I've gotten worse.

Just some random thoughts swirling around in my head. I just think it's funny how I put expectations on things and think they will go one way and they go the COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

I didn't think much today about my blog and I have no pre-written thankful posts in a queue ready to go (although that would have been a good idea).

So tonight I'm just gonna say I'm thankful for sleep because I'm REALLY tried. I love getting in my bed, next to my bestest friend (Luke, just in case you're wondering) and drifting to sleep.

It's glorious.



Forgiveness and Grace

Grace. It's what I'm thankful for today. And really nothing has even prompted this. Other than the constant reminder that I am horrible when it comes to grace.

I hate to admit that I'm not the best at grace. I feel like I'm not the best at giving it out which means I'm not the best at accepting it. But I'm working on that.

But thankfully God's grace covers us all. It has no limits, no rules or regulations. No one is ever too far from God and nobody has done too much that God's grace cannot cover their past.

I love when I hear stories that are such a testament to how good God is and how He is always with us no matter what.

I recently got stuck in a rabbit hole watching I am Second videos on youtube. If you haven't heard of I am Second you should visit their website.

Taken from their website: "I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others".

I think a lot of times we get an idea in our head of what a Christ follower looks like. Perfect life, without mistakes or blemishes or any problems. Which is so not the case. I am evidence of that!

These are two I am Second videos that I watched recently. Two completely different stories with one common theme, forgiveness and grace. Love them!

So today I am thankful for God's forgiveness and grace. It is there even when I don't accept it or don't recognize it.


A Special Bond

There are many things about Luke that I am thankful for, but one of his most amazing traits is how good of a dad he is to Eli.

I married Luke for lots of reasons, many reasons that went beyond how cute I thought he was and how much love I felt for him.

But out of all those traits that I loved about him, I never knew just how good of a dad he would make one day.

I've heard women say that watching their husband with their kids made them fall in love with their man all over again and it is so true.

I love watching Luke with Eli and I love watching Eli with Luke. They have this bond that is so special. Eli ADORES his dad.

Luke and Eli have a nightly routine that involves bath time, reading a specific book and then a story from his bible. I've tried to take over a couple of nights and Eli always tells me "NO DADA DO IT". Well ok then. I'll just go read a book or something.

Recently I tried to use a tape measure and Eli was screaming for it, I thought he wanted to play with it so I gave it to him and he immediately ran it to Luke and said "here dada mama had it" like he was doing Luke a favor by taking it from me.

I love this above picture because Eli does this when Luke holds him, he plays with the back of his hair. He never does this with me, just something he does when his dada holds him.

Watching the way Eli gets excited when Luke gets home from work, or hearing him scream "DADA" every morning when he wakes up just melts my heart

I'm so thankful for the way Luke fathers Eli. He leads our family spiritually and just does such a good job of being a day and husband.

And I must say I'm not purposely choosing topics for talk about just to use our new pics, but hey if the SHOE FITS.


Eli's Sibling

Today is one of those thankfulness posts that doesn't need a lot of explanation.

I am so thankful to be pregnant again.

Pregnancy isn't always the most fun time. There are sleepless nights, weight gain, discomfort in your own body and pain in various areas of your body that seems to come out of nowhere.

But it's oh so amazing. Feeling tiny kicks from those mysterious feet inside of you. The anticipation of seeing your baby and kissing those feet that kicked your ribs for so long. The feeling of knowing you are growing your baby. It is all too much to even wrap my mind around.

While it is amazing and it is thrilling, it isn't without some worries and fears. Feelings that I constantly have to take to God and give them to him knowing they are out of my control.

One thing that has worried me a bit is wondering how Eli will adjust to all of the change. People keep asking me what Eli thinks about the baby and really, he doesn't get it at all. HE'S TWO. He can't remember to use the toilet. He has no realistic understanding that soon he will be sharing his parents with another being.

And with that sentence right there I almost start crying. We'll just blame the hormones on that one.

I'm so worried about how he will handle it all and how it will affect him. And I know without question there will be a bit of a learning curve as he adjusts to life with a sibling, but I also have to remind myself I am giving him a gift.  Someone to walk through life with. Someone to reminisce with about mom's bad cooking and dad's ridiculous yet comical love of the Giants. A built in friend to play super hero's with and battle over video games and stay up late with. Someone that he can just be himself with, someone that not only knows his past but lived it with him every step of the way.

I know there will probably be jealousy at first but we will just work with it as we go. It's not something I'm going to worry about right now.

Right now I'm thankful for this growing baby, for Eli's sibling his new baby brother or sister (sister if you ask him).

So I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy, which includes all the heartburn and weight gain and those pesky leg cramps that happen in the middle of the night. I'm going to enjoy every minute. I'm going to try not to eat so many donuts this time around but I am going to enjoy it and not entertain my worries.


Days of Almost Nothing

Man, days like today are great.

A chill in the air but not too cold. A couple of plans, but the day wasn't too full. It was just perfect.

I love Saturday mornings. Family time is so important and because our Sundays are usually jam packed we always try and keep our Saturdays open for just "us" time.

Every morning when Eli wakes up he SCREAMS "DADA" and Luke goes and gets him, but Saturday mornings are special because he is able to bring Eli back to our bed and then we just lay in bed. Sometimes we watch TV, sometimes we try and get Eli to go back to sleep and sometimes we just talk and laugh.

After about an hour and a half of just laying around we got dressed and went to Panera for breakfast. It's extremely overpriced and I always cringe when the cashier gives us our amount, but I also have an obsession with their souffles. So I pay the crazy prices.

Later in the afternoon we had family pictures scheduled. I really wanted to get some last family of three pictures before I get all big and pregnant. I didn't do maternity pictures last pregnancy but haven't completely ruled them out this time around. I think it would be cute to have some pics of my belly and Eli. But who knows.

I could a couple of sneak peaks from today. Excited to see all of them!

Then we came home and Eli napped, Luke watched football and I randomly watched scenes from various Lost episodes. SO RANDOM.  I just started thinking about Lost and how much I love it and then one thing led to another and there I was sitting in my chair in the living room with my ipad perched on my lap watching Lost. So weird. 

We finished up our day with a trip to the park and then to Target. Two necessities in life. 

I am so thankful for days with little to no plans. I am a person who likes to go-go-go, but days every now and then with no plans just taking it easy are good for the soul! 



Do I really need to elaborate

more from the subject of this post?

Pizza. Its a beautiful, beautiful food.

It's a food I could never get sick of and I don't think I've ever had a bad pizza.

Yes some are better than others. But even school cafeteria pizza is good to me. You can't go wrong with bread, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Sure can't.

I have loved pizza my whole life and I'm so happy I married a man who shares that love with me. We eat pizza more than I should admit.

But if we put vegetables on it then it's healthy right?

This week, I went with a friend to a new place in town that is like the Subway of pizza. You put together your own pizza. All the way from choosing your own crust, and sauce to choosing ANY toppings you want on there. They have so many to choose from.

I enjoyed my pizza so much I went back again the next day.

Like I said, I eat pizza a lot.

So, today on the fourth day of my thankfulness series I am thankful for pizza.



My Work Day

Thursday is what I consider my "work day".

After I drop Eli off at MDO I go to my office. Well whatever office I choose for that day. Sometimes it's Starbucks, sometimes it's Panera, but I don't like to go there because they limit their wifi time. I mean WHAT is that about??

There are a couple of other local places that I enjoy going to also, but regardless of where I go that table and booth (or hard wooden chair) where I set my stuff, becomes my office for the day.

I pull out my completely charged laptop, my planner, headphones, and notebook and get to working.

It has become my Scentsy day. and I absolutely love it.

I spent a great deal of my day today working on various Scentsy tasks, and it reminded me how thankful I am for this little journey.

It gives me something that is "mine". Obviously, like I said previously, being a mom and a wife is my number one dream and focus right now, but I love having a Scentsy business where I get to work at setting goals and achieve them. I am able to spend time communicating with other women, learning from some, encouraging some, and building authentic relationships with a lot of them.

I love this business and I'm thankful that I took a chance on it. I say all of this in the most truthful, most, not-trying-to-sell-you kind of way. It's just something that has added so much to my life and I love it. Truly.

After several hours of working at a coffee shop, when I am certain to smell exactly like a coffee bean I pack up my stuff, go pick up Eli and we head home. I'm able to work on my time, where I want. It's a good gig. 

And because I always show the warmer of the month I will do that now because I know I have a lot of customers who do read this blog.

I guess this could be considered the part of the blog where I do try and sell you, but seriously how cute is this scarecrow?

And the scent this month is like the perfect fall scent. I'm in love:

I'm extremely thankful for my customers also but I foresee that being another post before the end of this 31 days is up.

And thank you to my readers who aren't Scentsy customers who endure through my Scentsy posts every now and then. I know it's not for everyone, that is completely normal, but thank you for letting me use this space to talk about my business. It's just apart of me now!  


{Review and Giveaway} I Can Hear Clearly Now

I need to share a piece of my heart with you.

I hate, I mean HATE those little ear buds that we as a society have started using as our primary headphones.

When did we decide that it was comfortable to take a tiny piece of plastic and shove it inside our ear?

I have no idea but I'm ready for a change.

I was recently sent a pair of Monster Headphones to review, which given my hatred towards tiny ear buds I was very excited to receive the headphones and so excited to try them out and give my ears a rest from having something shoved inside them.

When I received my box with the headphones enclosed it was like Christmas morning, and then when I opened the box and saw the pretty blue headphones it felt like Christmas morning when you get EVERYTHING you wanted!!

But really I would have been happy with any color, look how pretty they are: 

Now I knew they were pretty (very pretty I might add) but I needed to see if they actually sounded any good.

And they did.

I tested them with music, tested them with Netflix (my favorite mode of using headphones), I turned the sound up loud, turned it down low. Did it all just to test the headphones and they did not dissapoint. They never distorted the sound. They blocked out all outside sound (which is great when you have a guitar playing husband). They seemed pretty perfect and I know they will be a staple in my everyday routine.

From when I go jogging, to watching Netflix on my ipad I will be using these awesome headphones a lot!

I knew I loved the headphones but I decided the ultimate durability test would be to let the toddler use them.

So one night when we took a short road trip we let Eli use the headphones in the car to watch Curious George.

He absolutely loved them, and had no problem with them. And actually he has stolen them from me and asks for his "ears" to use all the time.

This is what is looks like when Eli puts the headphones on himself, I have to fix them for him. 

I have even been able to use them for online meetings I've had and I can hear everything so clearly, plus I kinda look stylish with the blue color! :-)

These headphones are great for every member of your family and not just for listening to music! 

I know you want a pair now, and luckily you have the chance to win these Monster Headphones. It's to easy to enter. 

To win your very own pair of N-Tune headphones (valued at $150),  read all about the Monster headphones here and let me know in the comments of this post which color you prefer. The comments on this post will be aggregated with the comments on the posts from the other bloggers participating in this review, and 25 pairs will be given away. This giveaway will close on Nov 1.

It will be hard to choose because they are all so pretty and vibrant!

Good luck!

Our Church

Nine years ago when Luke and I were dating he was asked to come lead worship at a fairly new church in the town where we were attending college.

Because I was his girlfriend I went with Luke that Sunday, before that we hadn't attended church together and each went to our own individuals churches.

However after that Sunday we began going to church together.  We started attending that church together and nine years later we haven't been to another church.

That sounds so weird to even say. I can't believe it's been nine years. Shortly after that Sunday Luke joined staff and that church, where he still remains on staff today.

Nine years. A lot has happened in those nine years. I've made some amazing friendships, I've had moments where I wanted to leave and go to another church and moments where I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.

There have been moments of frustrations and then on the same hand moments of true joy and celebration for all that God has done.

Currently aside from Sunday worship, our church meets every Wednesday night where we eat dinner together and then the adults participate in a bible study while the youth and kid's meet separately.

A group of individuals meet at our church at 10am every Wednesday morning to begin preparing dinner. I am so thankful for their sacrifice and their service to our church and the Lord. We are able to get a home cooked meal every Wednesday and I don't have to lift a finger. It is so nice.

I love the time together and fellowship we get with varoius members of our church. Most of whom I would never have a realtionship with if it wasn't for our church and our weekly gatherings.

Ministry isn't always easy, and it's not always fun, but seeing life change is worth every bit of it.

Tonight I am so thankful for our church and our community. For the people who were once apart of our community but left for whatever reason and for the people who are there now, all of it has helped shape us and mold us.


My First Dream

I knew my first post in the thankfulness series would be a bit difficult.

Not because I'm not thankful, or because I'm so negative I have trouble coming up with positive things to be thankful for - no it has nothing to do with those reasons. I may be negative but I'm not that negative...

The reason I knew it would be difficult is because I have so much to be thankful for, so how do I pick what to talk about first? And also do it without being blah blah cliche.

What does blah blah cliche mean? Well of course I'm thankful for my husband, for Eli, for my family and Luke's family and for Jesus dying for my sins and for shelter and food, and blah blah blah.

Those are all such important things, but they go without saying. They are the "obvious" thankfuls in my life.

Instead I want to focus on going deeper, each day looking at the little things, the things that slip by me that I don't realize just how thankful I am.

So this morning when I woke up I asked the Lord to help me to keep my eyes open throughout the day. To not zip through the day doing this task and that task until I find myself getting into bed with another day checked off the calendar.

But instead to help me truly enjoy every moment, seeing thankfulness in every second.

So throughout the day I tried to keep my eyes open with a new perspective for thankfulness. Then around 2:45 I was driving home from getting Eli from school and I passed a high school. A high school that was being released for the day. Every where I looked there were teens walking home. Awkward, hipster, kinda grumpy looking teens.

And then and there I realized how thankful I was to not be in high school anymore.

My high school years weren't bad, although I'm sure they were awkward. I had friends and had fun, but man I love life right now.

I had many dreams growing up, but the dream I was most passionate about was being a wife and a mom. Creating a family. And now I get to live my dream every single day and I am so thankful.

Things don't always look how I thought they would look, and not everything happens in our own "perfect" timing we set in our head, but I am so thankful for this season of life.

Sometimes being an adult is hard, we are faced with tough decisions and hard circumstances and dealing with bills and finances and all of that, but not a day goes by that I don't realize how blessed I am to be able to live my dream.

I do have other dreams, dreams that are more personal to me, business type dreams and goals I want to achieve. Some I work on a little bit everyday, and some will come at the perfect time.

But right now, today I am thankful to be living my first dream.

And also thankful to be done with high school. Or basically anytime in life when straighteners weren't present. That was not a pretty sight.