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A Little Life Update

Well I figured no better day to sit down and actually type some words on a screen than a day when I'm trapped inside.


My car had to be taken to the shop for what I thought would be an hour or so and ended up being overnight. So Eli and I are spending our Wednesday inside the house with no transportation mode.

And in what can only be described as irony.... the day we are trapped inside is also the same day our rent house is being painted. I've wanted this house painted since the day we moved into it, so I won't complain about the paint, but the boarded up windows and loud noises coming from outside sort of puts a damper on a day stuck inside.

Our Fall has gotten off to a good start. We are still in transition mode, living in the rent house with most of our stuff in storage, which has still been hard. I'm very ready to be settled with all our stuff in one area. Hopefully soon.

In the past month or so I've been reminded of God's faithfulness. I wish I could adequately explain through words just how faithful He has been to us but I don't think I would do our stories justice. Through hard times, easy times, fun times, and slow times He never fails. It's amazing to be reminded of this.

Pregnancy-wise I've been feeling a bit better. Still nauseous a lot of the time, but we know it's all for a good cause! I'm definitely growing, and not eating as much as I usually do so that seems like a good sign!

We've been on the go lately, spending time with family, staying busy at church and doing our normal routine stuff. Eli is still loving school and seems to be learning so much already!

I've been leading a bible study going through the bible study Stuck by Jennie Allen (I mentioned it in a previous post). It has been sooo good. My girls at church are enjoying it so much and I've seen so much growth from this study, not only in them but in me also. It is definitely one I would suggest!

Not a lot more to say right now, so I will just share the most recent pic of us. 

I'm going to try and write more so that I don't have to do these boring "catch up" posts.


  1. Whoa I missed a lot. Congratulations! I've been reading your blog since before Eli it's amazing how quickly time flies!

  2. You look gorgeous and adorable as always! Such a cute family pic! I know it can be SO hard when you are a transition mode but praying everything is smooth and as non-stressful as possible!

  3. You look so grown up :) So adult :) ... & beautiful on top of it all!!!

  4. You look so grown up :) So adult :) ... & beautiful on top of it all!!!

  5. Beautiful family photo!

    I've only heard great things about this study. I'm thinking of suggesting it to my leaders for the spring!

  6. A great picture of the whole family!!


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