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31 Days of....

Once again this year I am participating in The Nester's 31 Days challenge.

When I decided to do it my topic came to me very quickly but I rejected it just as quickly it entered my mind.

It seemed so cliche, almost a bit lame, but the more I tried to come up with another topic the more I came back to my original idea. Then I finally decided that I needed to go with my first thought, there was a reason I couldn't let go of it.

Thankfulness. This is my topic. It seriously seems so ridiculously cliche, and not to mention a month early as we usually talk about being thankful during the month of November but my mind (and heart?) just kept coming back to Thankfulness.

This summer has been a bit hard, there have been various things going on in our lives that have caused stress and worry and discouragement.  I have found myself with a negative disposition more than I care to admit.

I think I once talked on my blog about how I tend to go negative before positive. I have always been this way and at the request of my grandma kept a "thankful" journal during a time in high school where I wrote down three things I was thankful for everyday. I still remember doing that, and how wonderful it was to just sit back and count my blessings each day. No matter what kind of day I had, or what my attitude was it helped to just sit back and refocus on what really matters.

So as cliche as it sounds everyday during the month of October I will come on here and journal various factors of my thankfulness. I'm excited to do this, not only because I need to focus on being positive but also became I'm excited about the writing challenge.

I know there will be days where it is hard to think of something, and I may need to come on here and sing of my love of hot dogs and how thankful I am for them....who knows! This is going to be a topic that stretches me spiritually, mentally and artistically.I foresee some days being serious, and some days being a bit silly. But no matter what it is I know it will be a fun challenge!

I hope you want to follow along, also, if you are doing the 31 challenge let me know! I would love to follow along with you!


  1. wohoo :-) glad you're doing this my sweet friend. Cant wait to follow along with you this month! :-)

  2. Doing it with you....31 days of Jesus for me. What a journey it will be for both of us.

  3. I'm doing a 31 day catch up... I'm always feeling SO behind!

  4. I love this! We could all be more thankful. I think it is a GREAT topic!!

    I am doing 31 Days as well: A Journey of Perspective.

    Looking forward to reading your posts ~~ Blessings ~~ dawn

  5. I had decided on doing a blog challenge that is a little different, but adore this idea.

  6. Love it! Will definitely be following along. It's not cliche - it's CRUCIAL.

    I'm writing about Respecting my Husband for 31 Days. Excited about the challenge!


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