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Promises are a funny thing.
Sometimes we keep promises, sometimes we break them. 

Sometimes we are dissapointed when we realize a promise was not met. We are left with the aftermath of frustration anger and probabaly confusion.

I have been on the receiving end of some broken promises and I have broke some promises myself. I use the excuse that I'm human and make mistakes. 

Which is an excuse but is also true. We are humans, we fail. We break promises. 

But in what seems to good to be true, almost fairy tale like we have a God, a Father who does not break promises. Ever. 

Last night I was frustrated and scared. I took my anger to The Lord and His answer was quick yet evident. 

In response to my toddler like temper tantrum of frustration I was shown not one or two but many times in which He has kept his promises. Times when I doubted and lost trust. Times when I gave up on promises thinking it wasn't possible. But it was. And it is.

I don't have a lot of words lately. Every night I think of how I want to sit down and write yet when I do the words fail me. 

I have so many things to talk about, so much is going on in my heart and I feel like God is teaching Luke and I so much right now, but when I stop to talk about it the words don't come. 

Which leads me to believe He isn't done. This chapter is still going. It's been a weird chapter and honestly I'm ready to go to the next one. 

I'm ready to learn what I need to and skip to the next chapter that's all roses and butterflies and rainbows. 

But then I remember, when I look back on life some of the sweetest moments are those times that felt confusing. Those are the times His promises are revealed.  

So instead of doing what usually comes naturally to me of sharing my words I will wait. Wait and cling to His Promises. They never fail. 


  1. Loved this post, sweet girl. Holding you up in prayer during this season.

  2. So very true. Praying for you and Luke.

  3. Praying for you and Luke.

    I'm so thankful for His unfailing promise.

  4. Loved this post. I really appreciate all of your posts about your faith. They give me strength & encouragement. I hope all is okay. Prayers for you & your sweet family.

  5. Amen. So true, and amazing that you can see that He is doing a work in your lives through the tough stuff. Sometimes that's the hardest part!


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