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{Guest Post} Traveling with Your Kids

Recently Kendra Thornton a mom of 3 emailed me and asked if she could share something that is near and dear to her heart with my readers, traveling.

As someone who has been to 28 countries, 6 continents and travels with her children she seems to be an expert on the matter so I thought it would be perfect to share here with those who read.

I'll let Kendra share her traveling heart with you now:


Planning for Fun: Five Ways to Make It Happen

Being a mom is a full-time job—several, in fact—whether you work at the office or from home.  With all the chaos going on in your life, planning a vacation can sometimes make you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.  But even though it’s getting later into summer, it’s not too late to have the perfect family vacation.  With a little research and some preparation, you can make it easy on yourself and still give the whole crew a fantastic, memorable experience.

1. Research your Hotels

A family and kid friendly hotel will be your greatest ally for several reasons.  First, a hotel that welcomes children of all ages will have a pool or a play area where they can burn off some excess energy.  Secondly, the best places for families with infants or young children may have high chairs and cribs available (be sure to ask!).  Rooms with a fridge and bar offer you the option to keep bottles, healthy snacks, and food for meals to make on your own.  I used Gogobot to find a great list of Orlando hotels that offered free continental breakfasts, and are close enough to Disney World where we can catch the nightly fireworks and parades!

2. Pack Your Carry-On with Delays in Mind

While travel delays and lost luggage are begrudgingly accepted as part of our adult lives, it isn’t for kids.  If you are traveling via airplane, make sure that—in addition to bottles, snacks, extra diapers and a clean change of clothes—you include the little things that will make delays and inconveniences easier for a tiny traveler to endure.

3. Streamline Check-In

Print your boarding passes ahead of time, and invest in slip-on shoes for the kids.  This saves time in security lines.  It can also save your sanity when attempting to keep everything moving smoothly.  Make a list of things you must have with you before you leave home.  Realizing you left something behind is something none of us want to have to stomach!

4. Document It!

A family vacation can offer some of the most enduring memories for all of us.  Before you embark on your family adventure, purchase several disposable cameras and let the kids document their adventure. It isn’t necessarily about the product of their juvenile photo shoot, but about the experience of documenting their lives. It will also keep them engaged if you’re traveling by car.

5. Stick to a Routine

Keep it structured, Moms!  Plan activities that are fun for the family and will keep the kids occupied and engaged.  Fun afternoons at the hotel pool after a nice walk around a nearby park are great, but also remember to stick to nap and snack times.  Your kids will also need some time to relax and remain on their usual schedule.

I hope these tips are relevant to you and your families! Remember to have fun, and safe travels!


Thank you Kendra for sharing!! As a mom I know I will be putting this advice to practice!


Reference 1I used Gogobot to find a great list of Orlando hotels that offered free continental breakfasts, and are close enough to Disney World where we can catch the nightly fireworks and parades! 


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