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Five on Friday

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5Five on Friday!

I am so ready for Fall. I say this every year but every year I MEAN IT. I need Fall. Sweaters, boots, hot drinks, football (for a decent amount of time), soup and cornbread, FALL. I'm so ready. Plus this summer has been a weird, weird one and I'm ready to tell it goodbye and move into Fall!

Eli is at such a FUN age. I really should be documenting more of what he is doing and saying. (that will be one goal for Fall). Yesterday we were at the park and he kept looking over a fence point to a tree saying "mama, look (wook) at that dinosaur in the tree". He was so passionate about it and really wanted me to look.

My best friend Kara and her family came this week to visit us and do some fun activities in our town. It was so fun to spend time with them and let our boys play together. We went to Hobby Lobby to find a little craft for the boys to do and decided to try the canvas painting over stickers that we've seen on Pinterest (here). I'm not sure what Kara has to say about it but I can tell you this was a Pinterest FAIL for me. Ours did not turn out very good (which I'm sure was complete user error). I will show a picture once I finish picking off the sticker letters that are pretty much glued down. Let's just say our letters did not peel off as easily as the instructions suggest.


We met later that night for dinner and swimming. Eli LOVES splash parks but hates getting into a pool of water or the ocean (which made last week's trip to the beach interesting). But Eli still has fun at the pool cause he sits on the steps and splashes his feet

I'm hoping to get back into my consistent writing (memory keeping) once Fall starts (which I'm declaring that to be Monday - that will be "my Fall"). We have had NO routine this summer. None. And it has taken it's toll. We are still in between homes trying to figure out what our next step should be - but I can't wait for our next step we HAVE to get back into routine.

Eli and I have gotten into a bad habit of going to a fairly new Dunkin Donuts that is just down the street from us. Those little Munchkins (donut holes) are perfect for Eli and I LOVE their iced coffee (caramel coconut, no cream). This is probably one of those summer things we need to leave behind when we get into our Fall routine

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!


  1. That Dunkin Donuts looks good! I do have to disagree with you on fall; while I love it, I am not ready for it just yet.

    I'm also struggling with a routine right now. It's been so easy to just spend summer relaxing, and I think that's good to take that rest before the crazy of fall and the holidays begins, but I'm still ready for some solid routine!

  2. I'm so ready for routine again...while I love the carefree spirit of summer, I thrive on routine & so do Elyse!

  3. I'm trying so hard to wait to get out my Fall decor! I can't wait!!!

  4. Oh, Fall. My yearly lover. After the awesome weather we had last week, I'm pretty ready for it to show up and stick around now, too. I'm so sick of shaving my legs every other day! :) Eli is such a cutie with his dinosaur friends. This age is the best.


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