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Five on Friday

5 Random Things on this Friday

1. I haven't talked about my new blog design yet - and I absolutely LOVE IT. For as long as I've been a "Tree blogger" I've wanted my own custom tree drawn. I finally decided to bite the bullet and have Jessica at Diamond Doll Design draw me one. I knew to contact Jess because she is a friend and is SO talented. She came up with the tree that is in my header above and then we tweaked colors and she put together the entire design. I LOVE IT.

2. Yesterday morning Eli and I went to a "mommy and me" type bootcamp. This was a bit out of my comfort zone to go to because I saw a flyer in a coffee shop last week when I was on a date with Luke (which I just realized I never talked about our 5 year anniversary, shame). Well I saw the flyer about this new bootcamp and it was at the park that Eli and I frequent every week so I decided to go try it. Usually when I do something like this I need a friend with me for comfort but I've decided to start pushing myself past my comfort limits. But I'm so glad we went! It was so much fun and a GREAT workout!

3. Have y'all seen this video of Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff and a special appearance by CARLTON? PLEASE WATCH. It is so fun and made me cry!

4. Someone brought it to my attention that in my post about my rent house I said I have a cleaner that comes twice a week. I meant TWICE A MONTH. I'm not that bad (yet). So if you felt compelled to think negative thoughts about me because of that rest assured I just have the normal twice a month cleaner.

5. I am SO excited it's August. Fall is my favorite time of the year. And I like my Fall wardrobe better than any other season. Bring on fall!!


  1. I LOVE your tree and the colors you picked. Jess did a great job!

  2. OF COURSE we both linked to the Fresh Prince video. Twins. #richieforlife

  3. Haha I wondered about the twice a week cleaner also, but I just figured you said the house was really dirty, so okay!

  4. I get excited about fall myself.. but hate the loss of sunlight :(

  5. I get excited about fall myself.. but hate the loss of sunlight :(

  6. That video = joy. Love the new design!

  7. Your new design is great!

    I'm with you, fall clothing is the best. I, too, am happy it's August for many reasons! :)

  8. I just thought it was awesome you got to have someone twice a week. I'm not going to lie; I coveted your housekeeper since I just have the twice a month service, too. ;)


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