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Promises are a funny thing.
Sometimes we keep promises, sometimes we break them. 

Sometimes we are dissapointed when we realize a promise was not met. We are left with the aftermath of frustration anger and probabaly confusion.

I have been on the receiving end of some broken promises and I have broke some promises myself. I use the excuse that I'm human and make mistakes. 

Which is an excuse but is also true. We are humans, we fail. We break promises. 

But in what seems to good to be true, almost fairy tale like we have a God, a Father who does not break promises. Ever. 

Last night I was frustrated and scared. I took my anger to The Lord and His answer was quick yet evident. 

In response to my toddler like temper tantrum of frustration I was shown not one or two but many times in which He has kept his promises. Times when I doubted and lost trust. Times when I gave up on promises thinking it wasn't possible. But it was. And it is.

I don't have a lot of words lately. Every night I think of how I want to sit down and write yet when I do the words fail me. 

I have so many things to talk about, so much is going on in my heart and I feel like God is teaching Luke and I so much right now, but when I stop to talk about it the words don't come. 

Which leads me to believe He isn't done. This chapter is still going. It's been a weird chapter and honestly I'm ready to go to the next one. 

I'm ready to learn what I need to and skip to the next chapter that's all roses and butterflies and rainbows. 

But then I remember, when I look back on life some of the sweetest moments are those times that felt confusing. Those are the times His promises are revealed.  

So instead of doing what usually comes naturally to me of sharing my words I will wait. Wait and cling to His Promises. They never fail. 


Five on Friday

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5Five on Friday!

I am so ready for Fall. I say this every year but every year I MEAN IT. I need Fall. Sweaters, boots, hot drinks, football (for a decent amount of time), soup and cornbread, FALL. I'm so ready. Plus this summer has been a weird, weird one and I'm ready to tell it goodbye and move into Fall!

Eli is at such a FUN age. I really should be documenting more of what he is doing and saying. (that will be one goal for Fall). Yesterday we were at the park and he kept looking over a fence point to a tree saying "mama, look (wook) at that dinosaur in the tree". He was so passionate about it and really wanted me to look.

My best friend Kara and her family came this week to visit us and do some fun activities in our town. It was so fun to spend time with them and let our boys play together. We went to Hobby Lobby to find a little craft for the boys to do and decided to try the canvas painting over stickers that we've seen on Pinterest (here). I'm not sure what Kara has to say about it but I can tell you this was a Pinterest FAIL for me. Ours did not turn out very good (which I'm sure was complete user error). I will show a picture once I finish picking off the sticker letters that are pretty much glued down. Let's just say our letters did not peel off as easily as the instructions suggest.


We met later that night for dinner and swimming. Eli LOVES splash parks but hates getting into a pool of water or the ocean (which made last week's trip to the beach interesting). But Eli still has fun at the pool cause he sits on the steps and splashes his feet

I'm hoping to get back into my consistent writing (memory keeping) once Fall starts (which I'm declaring that to be Monday - that will be "my Fall"). We have had NO routine this summer. None. And it has taken it's toll. We are still in between homes trying to figure out what our next step should be - but I can't wait for our next step we HAVE to get back into routine.

Eli and I have gotten into a bad habit of going to a fairly new Dunkin Donuts that is just down the street from us. Those little Munchkins (donut holes) are perfect for Eli and I LOVE their iced coffee (caramel coconut, no cream). This is probably one of those summer things we need to leave behind when we get into our Fall routine

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!


My Sister's Wedding

Being an older sister is a hard job, or at least we make it a hard job for ourselves. 

As the oldest of three sisters I've been known to be a tattle tale, trouble maker, and a little bit nosey, but as the oldest I think it's my duty to carry all these traits. I gotta look out for my little chicks underneath me. 

I take my role as an older sister seriously and feel like I need to take care of my sisters in every way possible, which being a human I'm not always capable of doing, so like I try to do everything I just have to give it to God

And I've spent a lot of time praying for both of sisters future husbands. Much like I prayed for the man that I would one day marry I pray for the man that they each will marry and that God would bring him at the perfect time for each one of them.

And yesterday I got to sit on a beach and watch the answer to one of my prayers. My sister closest in age to me married the man of her dreams. 

It was such a gorgeous wedding, filled with love and joy as close family watched two become one. 

I wish I had been better about taking more pics but I got caught up in the moment and just forgot to use my camera. 

We are headed home now after three days on the beach ending with a joyous celebration and the addition of a new family member. 

I always get a lump in my throat at the end of a trip (maybe it's the oldest sister thing)? And this trip is no exception, I have the familiar lump in my throat, but not just because our anticipated trip is over, but also because I got to witness my sister become a bride and join hands with someone I've prayed for, it was a sweet sight. 


August 10% off!

All my Scentsy fans, it's that time of the month again!!

Before I show you the warmer of the month I want to be sure and tell you that almost all the products in the current catalog here are 10% off! Enjoy! 

Now, here is the August warmer of the month: cute!

I can see this warmer in a classroom or a little girl's room or play room. Not sure why I picture those three specific places but it's just what pops in my head. 

And the scent, Bora Bora Blossom. This scent is very flowery, so if you aren't a "flowery' type person you will love this. I go back and forth on my thoughts towards "flowery" but I really liked this scent.

Next month is September, which means the NEW Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog is coming out, one of my FAVORITE times of the year. I can't wait to share all the wonderful new products, warmer and scents with you all. Once again Scentsy knocked it outta the park!

BUT, before we see the new stuff we have to tell some scents goodbye. If any of the following scents are a favorite of yours you should stock up before they are discontinued at the end of August.

Fall is my favorite time to be a Scentsy consultant, the holiday warmer are amazing, people like to have and go to parties more in the fall, it's just such a great time!

If you've ever considered becoming a consultant email me and let's chat! I love helping women start their own business and reap the benefits from their hard work.


{Guest Post} Traveling with Your Kids

Recently Kendra Thornton a mom of 3 emailed me and asked if she could share something that is near and dear to her heart with my readers, traveling.

As someone who has been to 28 countries, 6 continents and travels with her children she seems to be an expert on the matter so I thought it would be perfect to share here with those who read.

I'll let Kendra share her traveling heart with you now:


Planning for Fun: Five Ways to Make It Happen

Being a mom is a full-time job—several, in fact—whether you work at the office or from home.  With all the chaos going on in your life, planning a vacation can sometimes make you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.  But even though it’s getting later into summer, it’s not too late to have the perfect family vacation.  With a little research and some preparation, you can make it easy on yourself and still give the whole crew a fantastic, memorable experience.

1. Research your Hotels

A family and kid friendly hotel will be your greatest ally for several reasons.  First, a hotel that welcomes children of all ages will have a pool or a play area where they can burn off some excess energy.  Secondly, the best places for families with infants or young children may have high chairs and cribs available (be sure to ask!).  Rooms with a fridge and bar offer you the option to keep bottles, healthy snacks, and food for meals to make on your own.  I used Gogobot to find a great list of Orlando hotels that offered free continental breakfasts, and are close enough to Disney World where we can catch the nightly fireworks and parades!

2. Pack Your Carry-On with Delays in Mind

While travel delays and lost luggage are begrudgingly accepted as part of our adult lives, it isn’t for kids.  If you are traveling via airplane, make sure that—in addition to bottles, snacks, extra diapers and a clean change of clothes—you include the little things that will make delays and inconveniences easier for a tiny traveler to endure.

3. Streamline Check-In

Print your boarding passes ahead of time, and invest in slip-on shoes for the kids.  This saves time in security lines.  It can also save your sanity when attempting to keep everything moving smoothly.  Make a list of things you must have with you before you leave home.  Realizing you left something behind is something none of us want to have to stomach!

4. Document It!

A family vacation can offer some of the most enduring memories for all of us.  Before you embark on your family adventure, purchase several disposable cameras and let the kids document their adventure. It isn’t necessarily about the product of their juvenile photo shoot, but about the experience of documenting their lives. It will also keep them engaged if you’re traveling by car.

5. Stick to a Routine

Keep it structured, Moms!  Plan activities that are fun for the family and will keep the kids occupied and engaged.  Fun afternoons at the hotel pool after a nice walk around a nearby park are great, but also remember to stick to nap and snack times.  Your kids will also need some time to relax and remain on their usual schedule.

I hope these tips are relevant to you and your families! Remember to have fun, and safe travels!


Thank you Kendra for sharing!! As a mom I know I will be putting this advice to practice!


Reference 1I used Gogobot to find a great list of Orlando hotels that offered free continental breakfasts, and are close enough to Disney World where we can catch the nightly fireworks and parades! 



Sunglasses, carseats and donuts

We've had a fun weekend, well I guess just Friday and Saturday.

Friday Eli and I met up with Sarah and her kiddos and we went to a children's museum. I had never been to this museum before but I always wanted to go. I'm so glad we went, it was pretty small, which was actually great because we could sit and talk and still see the kiddos running around. 

Eli and Manny have fun together, sometimes they fight (we are still working on sharing) but for the most part their playtime together runs smoothly. 


Earlier in the day on Friday when I was driving noticed that the fire-station was doing carseat checks. I decided to stop and get Eli's seat checked, partly because I wanted to get it checked and partly because I knew he would want to see the fire trucks at the station. 

When I pulled into the fire station it was like a swat team of male car seat checkers flocked my car. (and yes I totally acted like I was texting while I took this pic, the key to a secret pic is to make sure your phone is on silent so they don't hear the "click", not that I've made that mistake before)


The firemen were so nice and answered all my questions and gave me some good tips. I was so glad I stopped by.

Eli was happy also

I love Friday nights when we don't have any plans and I feel like it's been awhile since we've had a Friday with no plans (it probably hasn't been long but it just feels that way). We had no plans Friday so we decided to eat out and hang at home. I was craving Greek food so we went to a local Greek Restaurant to get our food to take back home. 

I had the best Gyro and homemade hummus EVER. I wish I had some right now. I will be going back there soon. SOON. 

Saturday we went to Dunkin Donuts which is a BAD habit we've started. Luke and I started going there because we love their coffee and then one day we made the mistake of getting those little chocolate donut holes.

Heaven in donut form.

I didn't want to eat any because I've already had some this week so I told Luke to order 1 donut hole. One. He ordered one dozen. Perfect. 

Then we went to the mall because it was tax free weekend and we decided it would be good to fight the masses for some $4 sunglasses.

When we met up with Sarah and Manny on Friday Manny was wearing orange sunglasses and Eli asked for orange sunglasses about 20 times after that. I really thought it was adorable because it has been the first thing he has actually asked for (besides chocolate donuts of course)

We are going to the beach soon so he needed sunglasses anyways. I went to Target and couldn't find any but knew I could probably find a pair at the mall. Cue us going to the mall only to realize it was tax free weekend and every pre-teen and I'd rather be anywhere but here parent was there. We didn't stay long. 

Just long enough to make sure Eli got his cool sunglasses. 

After the mall we met Sarah and her family and some of their friends for brunch to celebrate Sarah's husband's birthday. It was so fun and the kiddos did awesome, that's always a plus!

After that we went back home and spent the day cleaning and playing with Eli's trucks. Except really I spent the day cleaning while Eli and Luke played with his trucks, but it was a great day!

I know technically the weekend isn't over yet but we did so much on Friday and Saturday I wanted to go ahead and write about it.

Happy mid-weekend!


Five on Friday

5 Random Things on this Friday

1. I haven't talked about my new blog design yet - and I absolutely LOVE IT. For as long as I've been a "Tree blogger" I've wanted my own custom tree drawn. I finally decided to bite the bullet and have Jessica at Diamond Doll Design draw me one. I knew to contact Jess because she is a friend and is SO talented. She came up with the tree that is in my header above and then we tweaked colors and she put together the entire design. I LOVE IT.

2. Yesterday morning Eli and I went to a "mommy and me" type bootcamp. This was a bit out of my comfort zone to go to because I saw a flyer in a coffee shop last week when I was on a date with Luke (which I just realized I never talked about our 5 year anniversary, shame). Well I saw the flyer about this new bootcamp and it was at the park that Eli and I frequent every week so I decided to go try it. Usually when I do something like this I need a friend with me for comfort but I've decided to start pushing myself past my comfort limits. But I'm so glad we went! It was so much fun and a GREAT workout!

3. Have y'all seen this video of Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff and a special appearance by CARLTON? PLEASE WATCH. It is so fun and made me cry!

4. Someone brought it to my attention that in my post about my rent house I said I have a cleaner that comes twice a week. I meant TWICE A MONTH. I'm not that bad (yet). So if you felt compelled to think negative thoughts about me because of that rest assured I just have the normal twice a month cleaner.

5. I am SO excited it's August. Fall is my favorite time of the year. And I like my Fall wardrobe better than any other season. Bring on fall!!