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Old Scents, New Scents!

I absolutely love the month of July in Scentsy because it is Bring Back My Bar Month!!

Twenty scents that were previously discontinued are now available for purchase, which means some of my old favorites (and customers old favorites) are back, as well as scents that were around before I was a consultant - so it's like brand new scents to me! So fun!

This is the list of bars that are back for the month of July only!

I'm still deciding on my favorite from the group above but I think it is going to be Lavender Vanilla

If you a see a scent that you NEED to get in your warmer order quick because these are only available for the month of July!!
You can order HERE

And as always, because it is the first of the month I want to show you our super cute warmer of the month for July that is TEN PERCENT OFF:

This pic is blurry but it shows how the warmer works, after you put the scent cubes in the lighthouse you replace the lid that has holes in it so the smell comes out. 

And then the scent of the month: Watermelon Mint:

Can we just stop and talk about this scent for a minute? I'm usually always a fan of the scent of the months - they are always something different and new and so I'm instnatly drawn to them - however this scent is unbelievable. 

It is definitely a summer scent, so if you are a fan of seasonal scents you probably wouldn't want to warm this past September, but it is so fresh and fruity. And to me smells JUST like a sour watermelon jolly rancher (which happens to be my favorite kind of jolly rancher).

As you can see from the prices above this scent is also 10% off for July only.

You can purchase HERE

As always a big THANK YOU to my customers, I appreciate you so much! And if you've ever considered starting your own Scentsy business email me and let's chat!

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  1. Watermelon mint sounds so delicious.

    Love your blog Megan!


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